Sunday, 4 January 2015

Book Review: A Job from Hell by Jayde Scott

The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan, her fate is sealed. Summoned by an ancient bond, she can never love another. Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan's deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prize...a prize worth killing for.

In a world of forbidden love, ancient enemies, legends and rituals, nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. Life will never be the same again, unless she enters the Otherworld. But to do so, Amber must die..

My Review:
This book is one of the worst that I attempted to read last year. In fact there are so many things that I hated about it that I barely know where to start.

Oh yes I do. As usual, the author decides to set a book in Scotland and do her best to make the country and its people look bad. A rural setting of course means that the place is a brooding hellhole in the middle of nowhere that sucks the life out of our wonderful heroine. It is of course filled with moronic locals that she is superior to in every way. Yes of COURSE we have the taxi driver who won't take you all the way to your destination, dumps you at the side of the road in the Scottish gloom and demands a higher payment than agreed. Of COURSE this first Scot that you meet is a mean con man! Of COURSE limited cell phone coverage because of the mountains means you are in a third world country! That seriously pisses me off. And before someone comments, I'm overusing 'of course' for emphasis.

The way the Scottish characters are written bugs me and the superior attitude that the snooty MC has towards them made me want to kill the dumb cow myself. Amber is a waste of cells. She is incapable of doing anything for herself including having a thought in her brain, never mind being hired to cook and look after a household. How in the hell would anyone hire this lazy bitch? What references did she have other than stupid and useless? Between her and her crooked asshat brother Dallas, there must have been some serious family inbreeding. Amber spends her first night there moaning, whining and refusing to follow simple instructions and as soon as Dallas says he's found valuable things in the woods, both are planning to sneak off to steal it! What the hell kind of characters are these idiots meant to be? I don't know what the hell the author is thinking having such muppets as the so called heroes of the book coz I just want to see them both die. Now.

And speaking of death, there was nothing of interest in the plot to liven things up. It is a dire Twilight wannabe with dreadful characters, a pathetic attempt at a love interest with the charm and personality of a mop and the badly written soul mate rubbish that was thrown together from the plot of almost every YA book I've read in the last two years. Add in the stupid inane dialogue that never seems to stop and a terrible writing style which had me rolling my eyes constantly. I hate to savage books but this one really was a dreadful waste of my time and I will never go near anything written by this author again, even if you paid me. It really was that bad and I have nothing positive to say about it.

Hated it. 
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