Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ramblings from the Book Cave #1:Support Indie Authors

Velcome to my Book Cave! Mwoahhh! Zees will be my chance to talk about vot is happening in my book vorld. Then ve can count ze books on our vishlist together! Von two tree...hundred...?

OK the subject of this ramble will be the importance of supporting our Indie authors. Most people who buy regularly from Amazon will probably have bought Indie books without knowing it. I know I have! Those who are lucky enough to get a deal with a mainstream publisher get all the benefits associated with big companies ie a team of people to edit, promote and put together a sellable product. The down side is that you lose editorial control. This could mean a crappy cover getting picked for your baby or plot changes that make you cringe. 

So remember, Indie does NOT mean 'too bad to get published'. I like to think of Indie as 'haven't got that lucky break yet' or 'I will self publish to retain control of every aspect of my book'.

Why do we need to help?
Well if an author doesn't have a big team to help them produce and promote the book, they need the readers to help make the book a success. The more people who read the book, the better the author's reputation is. This equals book sales and more books to read!

What can I do? One person isn't enough!
WRONG! One person can do a lot! Join Goodreads groups that connect readers and writers. Every time you start reading a new book, take a few minutes to tell the group about it on 'What are you reading now' or 'Currently reading' threads. Join other book sites. Always review your book on Goodreads and if you love it, put reviews on other book sites. Join read and review programs in your Goodreads groups. Recommend books to your friends. When you've read an Indie book you liked, buy your own copy. Like the author on FB. Follow the author blogs. Become a friend or a fan on Goodreads. Talk about the books on as many threads as possible. Vote for the books on lists or for Book of the Month. Follow them on Twitter. Talk about all the books you buy, read and want to read on all social networking sites. Tweet updates on what you are reading. If you are a blogger, host book tours, giveaways and events, do author and book features and review lots of books! 

See? There are lots of things one person can do and if everyone who reads a book does a few or all of these things, we really can make a difference to authors. Get involved!

Follow Chuckles book motto. Read. Review. Promote.

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