Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Release: Deep Naked by Riley Hill

Crystal Carson enjoys playing her fiddle, preparing for college, and dreaming about her future. But when secret family abilities develop, she’s ripped into worlds beyond imagination. Targeted by black ops and a weird cult from the old country, she runs to the only man on earth who can save her. But there’s a price.

With the fate of the world at stake, Crystal must abandon her life, open to revelations, and embrace her destiny. What hides in her blood? What gifts would others steal from her? Can she learn to wield interdimensional powers and heal a time rift? If not, she, her friends, and her new-found love will be trapped forever in a black hole—a single moment of Now.

DEEP NAKED is a Young/New Adult novel combining science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and romance. It is the first book in the NAKED WORLDS series, which follows Crystal Carson and her friends through time, space, and magic, battling shadow government agencies and alien species.

Released June 2013.

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