Saturday, 31 August 2013

Featured Author: Michelle Scott trilogy

The moment Lilith Straight dies, the Devil appears to claim her soul and cash in on a family curse. Now, Lilith has no choice but to work for him. The job is bad, the boss is worse and she can’t imagine how she’ll explain her new reincarnation to her eight-year-old daughter. But then an arrogant, yet oh so yummy, incubus shows up…and hell heats up just a little more.

Hell’s newest employee, Lilith Straight, thinks she’s got a handle on her job as the Devil’s temptress until she finds herself going horns-to-halo with a guardian angel who’s determined to rescue Lilith’s next victim. To make matters worse, William Darcy, the hottest demon in hell, is trying to undermine Lilith’s mission with a few temptations of his own.

Although temptress Lilith Straight didn’t forge her contract with the Devil, she’s obligated to obey it. But upon hearing the dastardly details of her latest assignment, Lilith vows to wriggle out from under the Devil’s thumb one way or another. Unfortunately, Hell is in chaos, her bff is AWOL, and her eleven-year-old niece’s fascination with the supernatural is tempting her to explore the otherworld. If only William Darcy, the hottest demon in Hell, would put the brakes on his own ego and give her a hand, Lilith might stand a chance.

Where can I buy this series? 

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