Friday, 23 August 2013

Featured Author: Jae Erwin

Stepping away from the world of occupational psychology and small business consultancy, I racket around between writing, editing, and helping to run a small press publishing co-operative - Firedance Books. I also teach yoga and explore anything weird and wonderful that takes my fancy. I live on the Pennines, have a husband, three sons, a dog, two cats, three chickens and four vegetable beds - don't ask me which one I love the most. I have one novel published, two more in progress and have written many short stories, several of them published. A poem or six lurk in my dim and distant past.

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Here is Jae's novel:

Lilliane has always been drawn by the desert — its emptiness, its eerie beauty and its people. When she takes the trip of a lifetime to a Bedu camp, she finds herself ensnared in a complex web of politics, blood feuds, terrorism and ancient spirits. Karim is trying to find his path in the material world and to marry the girl of his dreams. But his soul cries out for the spiritual path of his fathers. Lilliane’s and Karim’s stories collide in a forgotten, blood-soaked corner of Sinai. Brutalised, captive and bereft, they must find their own ways to survive. A taut, unusual thriller set in the fascinating world of the modern Bedouin, Stillness Dancing shows us that the hardest paths can lead to the deepest wells.

"Stillness Dancing by Jae Erwin. A stunning book, filled with the mystery of the desert and the journeys of the spirit, plus blood, mayhem, and a truly nasty villain. Buy it, read it, tell people about it."
Stephen Godden Author of Tales of the Shonri: City of Lights.

"This book is full of surprises. From the title, I assumed it might be about `lust in the dust', but while there is a love story, many other dark and bloody strands are woven in to make a compelling and powerful read.

We meet Lilianne and her friend Lauren, two British women who embark on a dream holiday to the Sinai Peninsula to discover `the real Egypt', only to have their adventure go horribly wrong. They are drawn into a world of terrorism, kidnap, violence and human trafficking where as women and westerners they become helpless victims. Set alongside their ordeal is the threatened world of Bedouin tribes and the story of their guide, Karim, adept in the mystic ways of desert dwellers, whose life is embroiled in smuggling and a bitter blood feud.

Stillness Dancing worked best as a complex thriller for me. I found Lilliane's spiritual journey less gripping, though it helped at least to counterbalance some aspects of the women's harrowing experience. The male characters are especially well drawn and believable, from the embattled chief of police to the tribal wise man. And I also thought the various hierarchies representing tradition and modernity, Bedu and Egyptian and young and old were authentically portrayed.

All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a page-turning read with some unexpected depths."
Amazon and Goodreads review by Hoolit

Where can I buy this book? 

Jae has contributed to these anthologies:

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