Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Featured Author Judith Post(Fallen Angels series)

Enoch should have let Caleb join Lucifer. Instead, he’d wrestled Caleb to the ground and held him there until the rebellion was over. He’d saved his friend from the pit, but he couldn’t save him from himself. Caleb still denounced everything Enoch held dear, and he was cast to Earth in punishment. Without the Light, Caleb wastes away, until he discovers a new life force—human blood. Worse yet, each mortal he drains is infected with his immortality, creating a race of vampires. Enoch is responsible for Caleb’s mess, so Enoch’s sent to Earth to clean it up. He walks the night, hunting and destroying vampires, trying to protect mortals. And he’ll be stuck among mortals until Caleb repents and returns Home….which doesn’t seem likely.

But when Caleb’s hordes come to town as Enoch is trying to hunt down a vicious serial killer, Enoch finds himself trapped in an eternal battle with his former friend as he tries to protect the people of Three Rivers from threats both human and not.

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Enoch came to Earth to clean up the messes Caleb, his fellow, fallen angel created by infecting humans with his immortality and creating vampires. But things got complicated. He fell in love with the vampire, Voronika. Some vampires clung to their honor and became generals, who fought rogue vampires who drained humans. Enoch respected them and began to work with them, not against them. Now, a war has started between the good vampires and the rogues, and Enoch's determined to save not only the generals, but also Caleb. He has to keep Voronika safe, too. Even an angel with the Light has trouble fighting a legion of vamps, determined to eradicate anyone or anything to obtain total freedom.

Released March 2013 

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