Monday, 15 July 2013

Welcome to the Book Cave!

This is where the book obsessed nightcrawler lurks with her next great read and will bite anyone that interrupts reading time! So approach at your peril...This blog is where I will be reviewing everything I read including Indie and mainstream authors. On this blog I will be reviewing books from these genres: urban fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, fantasy, mythology, dark fantasy, adventure. On the site we will have Featured Author-an in depth look at an Indie author and their work, Spotlight-where a random Indie author's work is featured, New Release-to tell you of new books just out, Book Resource-alerting readers of places to help your book obsession grow, Coming Soon-highlighting new books or group features, author Q&A, events and giveaways and of course book reviews. Enjoy your visit to the Book Cave...

And if you like talking about, reading, reviewing, promoting Indie authors, linking up with other fans and authors, please come over to and join my bookgroup which is called My Big Fat Indie Book Gang. We really need more active members to get some promotion for hard working authors!


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