Friday, 19 July 2013

Featured Author: Hannah Blatchford

Hannah is a self published author with one published novel so far. She is looking for more people to read her book so that more reviews are posted. Hannah is a lovely person who will not get mad if you don't like her book. In her own words 'I would love it if you could leave feedback, good, bad or indifferent!' Why not make Hannah's day and take a look at her book?

Here is a bit more about Hannah: 
Hi, my name is Hannah Blatchford and I am just one of the growing numbers of authors that have chosen the path of self publishing. It was hard work but I felt I had a story that people would enjoy and I have been getting some great feedback so far.

After graduating with a B.A (hons) in English Literature & Language from Exeter University I worked for the civil service for some time. I then moved into the field of freelance copywriting as this allowed me to be more creative and to indulge in my passion for the written word in all its forms. I have now been a freelance copywriter for several years and enjoy the independance this career offers me.

I have always been fascinated by faerie tales and their ongoing significance and relevance throughout modern life. I feel that the current trend for paranormal romance novels really taps into this genre and creates a very modern combination of both age old ideas and contemporary ethical and moral dilemmas.

This inspired to me to write my own story that would both explore the charming and sometimes dark world of folklore and fairy tales and also engage the modern romance reader.

‘Friend or Fae’ is my first novel inspired by the rich history and folklore of the British Isles

The first chapter is FREE if you follow this link:

Francesca 'Frankie' Lee is just a small time country kid, a bit brighter than most but as green as the grass on the hills of her homeland. When she wins a scholarship to study in the big city it seems as if all her dreams have come true. But the city couldn't be more different than the quiet empty fields and moors of West Country and Frankie soon discovers that monsters roam this urban paradise.

Frankie is sponsored by a powerful vampire family, but although she is thrilled at the power and wealth this position provides, in the city the old adage 'fair is foul and foul is fair' holds true. The city is a dangerous place where power over others is paramount and no matter how bright Frankie is her ignorance and vulnerabilities cannot make her anything but a target. Those that should have been protecting her seek her downfall and in a moment of violence and awakening Frankie finds herself thralled to another family and at their mercy.

Frankie is soon torn between strange powers and finds that she is not quite as normal as she first believed. In this land humans had no magic of their own, but Frankie finds her strength growing until she becomes a danger not just to herself but to others. She is sent to one of the city institutes used to tame rogue magics, but again she is betrayed. Her powers are used for dark purposes, bringing her into contact with some of the most feared creatures in the kingdom. She flees back to West Country, but the city has changed her for ever and this peaceful little backwater is no longer quite the safe haven she remembers it to be

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