Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Book Review: Blood Alley by David Wisehart

*I received a free copy of this book from the author through Making Connections in exchange for an honest review*

The Highwayman comes out when the moon turns red, intent on killing those who venture onto his road that night, the road that locals call Blood Alley. Now a group of teenagers with car trouble find themselves on that road with The Highwayman in pursuit.

This was a good classic creepy horror story. The plot was interesting and the body count was high as the road claims its victims. There was an interesting adoption sub plot that becomes important to the story. There was just enough about the characters to keep you informed but nothing in depth. To be honest, horror tales like this don't need a massive amount of character development. Most characters turn out to be nothing more than corpses-to-be so no need to waste time on developing them. The writing style is uncomplicated and the story moves on at a good pace. I think the length was about right.

Random niggles? I didn't find anything wrong with the way the author presented or told the story. My only niggle was getting annoyed with Claire at times. When they needed to find help and get off the road to safety, she was determined to go chasing for information. I wanted to slap her and say 'you can come back in daylight to search for what you need, you stupid...'...!!! But it's not really fair to complain about that when what she was doing was part of the plot! So no real issues with the book. If I was being very picky, maybe the ending felt a little hurried in comparison to the rest of it but very enjoyable anyway.

I'd certainly look at other works by this author if the plot appreals to me. Minor sexual references, a few bloody descriptions of corpses so pretty much what you expect in a horror novel. Should appeal to most horror and some thriller fans.
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