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Book Review: Cemetery Club by J.G. Faherty

20 years ago four friends awoke an ancient evil, and only the Cemetery Club can stop it before the whole town ends up dead. Or worse.

Rocky Point is a small town with a violent history - mass graves, illegal medical experiments and brutal murders dating back centuries. Of course, when Cory, Marisol, John and Todd form the Cemetery Club, they know none of this. They’ve found the coolest place to party after school - an old crypt. But then things start to go bad. People get killed and the Cemetery Club knows the cause: malevolent creatures that turn people into zombies. When no one believes them, they descend into the infested tunnels below the town and somehow manage to stop the cannibalistic deaths.

Now, twenty years later, the horror is beginning again. The Cemetery Club must reunite to defeat the menace once and for all. The problem is they can’t remember how they did it the first time.

It’s a race against time to find the true source of evil infesting Rocky Point, as the Cemetery Club ventures into the cryptic maze, to face their demons in a final showdown.

My Review:
*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Four rebel teenagers wake up an ancient evil that consumes their town, unleashing death and destruction on a massive scale, and somehow they manage to stop it. Now the four are adults and the evil is back, worse than before and they alone have the knowledge to end it-but can they face their fears and do what needs to be done?

This was a really good horror novel, just the kind that I like. It has a good mix of gore and tension that just never stops as you zoom through the book towards the final confrontation. The book is not over descriptive, which is good, and it gets straight to the point. There is enough character development to get you to care about them but not enough to slow the pace of the story. I think the author gets the balance just right. A few reviewers have said that the body count being so high takes away from the shock value of the deaths but I don't agree with that. I think the author is trying to show that this evil is so destructive that it is quickly ripping apart a small town and that is shown with the high body count. You can feel that things are just escalating out of control on a daily basis. Besides, we like a good serving of gore in the horror genre, don't we?!! This book more than delivers if this is your kind of thing. I do have to point out that the gore is there as a genuine plot device and not just there for the sake of it. The action scenes with the attacking monsters are well written and I couldn't get the pages changed fast enough! I'm always wanting to know what the next chapter will bring. That is a tribute to how well this story is presented. Without giving away any spoilers, I did guess something about the ending and was still able to enjoy being right about it!

I can't really say that there was a down side to the book. It has the tension, the gore, the diseased town history, the supernatural element, all combined with good, uncomplicated writing and excellent descriptive work and storytelling. I liked the mix of characters and found one in particular that I kept wishing would die in a very bloody manner! In addition, be advised that there is sexual content and swearing, as you would expect in a typical book of this genre. Nothing detracts from the story in my opinion and I will recommend this to fans of the horror genre.

On the whole I enjoyed this book and look forward to picking up the next book by the author.
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