Sunday, 28 July 2013

Book Review: Gravity Comics Massacre by Vincenzo Bilof

A mind-bending trip down the rabbit hole of terror where aliens, comic books, and nightmares are painted onto a blood-red canvas…
Damien Shears is the best artist alive, but his favorite pastime is killing people. Armed with a pen designed by aliens, Damien illustrates his victims until they fall asleep; in their dreams, they confront their worst nightmares while Damien visits atrocities upon their flesh. His famous comic store has become the perfect tourist attraction for a group of five burn-outs who're looking for a place to party. Reality and dreams collide for the sake of murder and art; the aliens need more data for their analysis of human fear, and people will have to die.

"GRAVITY COMICS MASSACRE is a wild, fast-paced ride into the strangest sectors of your imagination. I dare you to read it without a smile carved into your face; unique and adorably quirky, you can't help but finish this in one sitting. Vincenzo Bilof is what bizarro fiction has been missing." - Max Booth III, author of They Might Be Demons

"For original, literate, Horror that swings between the bizarre and the profane, look no further than Bilof's inventive rendition of the darkest Horror tropes. You might just get what you don't expect!" - William Cook, Editor of Fresh Fear and author of Blood Related.

Where can I buy this book? 

Here is my review: 

 *I received a free copy of this book from the author through Making Connections in exchange for an honest review*

Damien is a comic book store owner with artistic talent, a magic pen provided by aliens and a thirst to murder. He draws his victims until they fall asleep, into a nightmare, while he brutally murders them.

I liked the idea of the murderer drawing people and sending them into their worst nightmare so that his alien friends could study human fear, while he gets to murder them. It was a bit different and I liked the start when Damien is killing people. Damien himself is the most interesting of the characters and had a bit of life about him. These were the things that I liked about the book.

The rest of the characters were obnoxious pieces of human filth that needed some of Damien's TLC. I hated them all and would have liked to kill them myself if I had the magic pen. Especially whiny Brain/Brian moaning about how crap his life is and how much he hates his 'friends'. What a complete loser. I wanted to punch him. However I can put up with bad characters if I have the hope that they might get what is coming to them.

The Goodreads description says 'Reality and dreams collide' and this was certainly accurate. However, I admit that I found the whole novella confusing and a bit incomprehensible at times. It was difficult to seperate dream sequences from reality especially when we were following Brian and his psychologist. You were constantly trying to decide if Miko was real or a figment of imagination and by the end I was none the wiser. What happened to Brian in the town? You were never quite sure as it wasn't really made clear when/if he was dreaming/hallucinating. Was Damien or Brian responsible for what happened? No idea. Even the big ending left me trying to work out if this was really meant to be happening or another of Brian's weird dreams. It was just too confusing and mixed up for me.

Not for me I'm afraid.

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