Thursday, 18 July 2013

Book Resource:

This is a fantastic book site where you can buy low price books AND get lots of books for free! When you 'purchase a book' whether it is free or at a small cost, you can then download it in a range of formats to suit your own needs, ie pdf to read on the computer, epub, mobi etc. Some authors will also provide a code on bookgroups to allow you to use it to get their book free.

It is a great way for a reader to try a new author without paying full price for the book and the site itself is very easy to use. I have about 30 books downloaded at the moment waiting to be read and I did not have to buy any of them-they were all free! Indie authors use this site to reach out to new readers by providing their work at reduced price or for free. So why not add some titles to your to be read list and try some new authors? 

If you get a book from the site, it would be nice if you could review it there and maybe on Goodreads or other book sites. Thanks! If you are reviewing a free copy from a site or given to you by the author, by law you must declare it in your review, or your review may be rejected or taken down. 

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