Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Today I have posted the Q&A interview with Hannah Blatchford so make sure you check it out. Just click on the link in the blog posts on the right of this page. Coming soon, we will have features on more authors including Stephanie Parent who you can find at Goodreads: 

There will be a lot more new releases to add to wishlists and more book reviews from Indie books. Please do what you can to support Indie authors by reviewing their books when you read them and telling your friends about them.

Indie authors who want to be featured on this blog  or anyone who want to tell me about good books and authors that deserve a mention, can contact me through Goodreads:

If you aren't a Goodreads member you can post a message here on the blog with your contact details and I'll see it and get back to you. Enjoy your visit and keep coming to The Book Cave!

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