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Book Review: Blood Heavy by SLJ Shortt

 It's all fun and games until someone gets eaten.

Seventeen year old Daniel ‘Jerry’ Jericho’s life is thrown into a blender made of claws and fangs when he’s dragged into the middle of the supernatural world he never knew existed.

After it’s discovered that his blood has the ability to remove the age old weaknesses from which vampires have always suffered, he becomes the most valuable human on the planet. Drinking his blood makes them immune to silver, stakes and even sunlight. But the door swings both ways and locked inside his veins might be the key to creating a permanent cure that would completely eradicate the species.

Now he’s being hunted by a group of sadistic bloodsuckers, studied by witches, psychics and professors while being protected by a pair of vampire sisters who are constantly on the verge of killing each other. On top of all that he has to deal with teenage hormones and loyal but worried friends as he tries desperately hard to find out what makes his blood so special.

However, the supernatural world might be in for a shock because this kid isn’t going to be a vampire’s happy meal without putting up one hell of a fight. From here on out it’s hunt or be hunted and Daniel Jericho is armed, grinning and ready for some monster killing. But going up against an undead army led by a souped-up ubervamp isn’t exactly a two for one special at the Playboy mansion.

It’s going to get bloody, but that’s okay because Jerry is blood heavy.

Here is my review:
*I received a copy of this book from the author through Never too old for YA in exchange for an honest review*

Jerry is a normal teenage boy until he is attacked by a group of vampires who have discovered that his blood makes them invincible. A rival vampire group hope that his blood could be a cure and they swear to protect him.

I liked this book. The story was a different twist on vampires with Jerry's blood being precious to the sides of good and evil for different reasons. I liked the idea of the cure vs evil drugged up monsters thing, depending on who got to Jerry. There is an interesting mixture of characters, including Uncle Joe the ex-military man, Parker the biology teacher, Cassandra and Claire the vampire sisters, Rachel the psychic child and his human friends. It's not a complicated story and it moves at good speed through each new crisis that Jerry and the gang face. It certainly keeps you interested without boring you with things that don't really matter, and new twists to Jerry's situation happen constantly. There was some humour and pop culture references though it. There is certainly potential for sequels which I'd be interested in looking at.

The one negative for me was the way Jerry was acting like a jackass in the middle part of the book. His 'I'm Rambo hear me roar' attitude really annoyed me. I know it was important to the author for plot purposes but he was just getting on my nerves and the consequences were fatal due to his lack of planning. It didn't stop me liking the book but I hope he stops acting like that in the next one! The only other thing I don't like is named chapter headings. These are like spoilers and I don't really like them in a book. And however much I try not to, me eyes keep going to them! Again it's just personal preference and I would never mark a book down for a little niggle like that. I didn't like the continual musical soundtrack either but it's another minor niggle. The book would benefit from a re-editing as there were continuity errors(characters names being mixed up) plus spelling and other errors.

[Bit bummed that a few interesting side characters died in the school attack. I'd have liked to see more of them in the next book. I liked Parker and Roache and I thought killing Steve and Sarah as well was overkill.Bummer! (hide spoiler)]

So who would this book appeal to? I think fans of YA paranormal, NA paranormal, UF fans, vampire fans and those who like a good story with a paranormal twist to it. Overall a good read.
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