Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Release: Earth Dwellers by David Estes

The Earth Dwellers is the 4th book in BOTH The Dwellers Saga and The Country Saga. The author recommends that BOTH series are read in their entirety before reading this book (The Moon Dwellers, The Star Dwellers, The Sun Dwellers, Fire Country, Ice Country, Water & Storm Country).

All your old favorite characters from both the Dwellers and Country Sagas come together in an epic 7th book!

When President Borg Lecter threatens to wipe all four native tribes off the face of the earth, Adele designs a plan that will send her deep into the belly of the beast.

At the same time, Dazz must convince the new ice country consortium to the Unity Alliance, a pact with the Tri-Tribes that may be their only hope of survival.

Meanwhile, Tristan is forced to face his greatest challenge, the unification of the Tri-Realms, in an attempt to garner support against Lecter and the earth dwellers.

Finally, Siena and the Tri-Tribes march on the Glass City in an attempt to take the fight to Lecter and his army of killers.

The entire world, both under and above the earth's surface, sits on the edge of a knife. Will the efforts of Adele, Tristan, Dazz, and Siena be enough to save the ones they love?

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Released September 2013.


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