Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Ten Sea Monster Creature Feature Books

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This week, I'm doing Top Ten Creature Feature Sea Monster books to try!

1) Hunter Shea-They Rise 
In the sea, they travel in packs, hunting down boats, jumping from the water to feast on people who think they are safe. Huge Chimaera fish are creating terror and a trail of death and destruction which even the US Navy struggle to contain. Perfect sea adventure with lots of death by one of my favourite horror authors. Stand-alone.

2) Chris Jameson-Shark Island
Scientists create a signal to lure sharks away from the beaches to a more remote area. The plan upsets local fishermen and environmentalists who decide to interfere and then comes a storm and the realisation that the signal has made the sharks aggresive enough to attack the boats. I really enjoyed the tense shark action and the diversity of the cast. Stand-alone.

3) Jamie Hutchison-Red Swarm
Packs of eel hybrids have escaped from a research facility and are causing terror across Europe and America. These eels can plan and set traps and are able to come ashore to find unsuspecting victims. Now scientists and the British Navy need to find a way to stop them. Tense thriller with lots of death and great characters. Stand-alone.  

4) Eric S Brown-The Kraken Rises
The crew of a research platform awaken a swarm of deadly squids and their monster sized parent kraken. Now the monsters are attacking the platform and any ship they come into contact with. Massive body count creature feature. There is also a connected second story about the creatures in Kraken by the same author.

5) Rick Chesler-Hotel Megalodon
The grand opening of an undersea resort turns bloody when a giant megalodon shark begins to attack it, trapping the guests underwater with air running out and the facility flooding. Action packed shark thriller by an author who usually entertains in the genre. Stand-alone.

6) Paul Mannering-Hell's Teeth
An exploration of the sea bed turns deadly when a terrorist attack traps a group of scientists in a specially created habitat underwater. With the habitat damaged, one of their team losing her sanity and aggresive sharks circling, will anyone make it to the surface? Tense sea thriller with intriguing plot. Stand-alone.

7) J Kent Messum-Bait
6 drug addicted people are trapped on an island and forced into a deadly game. If they want food, water and their next fix, they must make the short swim to the next island and take their chances with the deadly sharks. Failure to play has consequences. I'm not a fan of junkie characters but I did like this book and ended up rooting for the characters. Stand-alone.

8) TR Schumer-Death Catch
A scientist saddened by the slaughter of sharks for profit accidently uses a voodoo charm to resurrect them as zombie sharks, intent on killing humans. Now the sharks are attacking beaches and finding their way on to ships and the scientist must stop them. Not as cheesy as it sounds, there are lots of good characters and great mass death scenes. Trilogy.

9) Victor Zarkov-Megatooth (aka Megashark)
Two boats, one with environmental activists and the other testing mining equipment are about to discover that a shark bigger than they thought existed is hunting them down as dinner. It's a classic megalodon of a smart shark out-thinking the humans who must work together to survive and find a way to get help. Lots of shark action! Stand-alone.

10) Rick Chesler-Sawfish
A sacked scientist who accidently created a giant sawfish decides to release it into the sea. When it begins to kill people, he sees a chance for a comeback by releasing more into the water, then coming to the rescue by stopping them. Mad scientists and sea monsters are always a fun mix and I liked this one. Stand-alone.


  1. What a fun list. Shea alone has a few I'm dying to give a go. I love your take this week!

    1. I have quite a few of his to catch up with! It's exciting to have them to look forward to. I'm waiting for my dad to read Fury of the Orcas so I can deal with it first!

  2. Oceans are scary. I’m glad I live at high altitude. All those mountains provide an excellent shark barrier. None of those beasts are going to get me. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I stopped wanting to go in the water after I saw jaws as a kid! I agree, mountains are a good shark barrier unless you get a sharknado...

  3. Great topic. I need to read more sea monster books and several of these are on my wishlist.

  4. Ah creature features, or my favorite kind of horror novels! I like movies about rampaging or mutated animals too, so it only makes sense I can't ever resist books about them either. The sea monster theme is a nice touch!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Creature Features are just so much fun! I'll be doing similar themed posts over the next few weeks as I don't like the offered topics so that should be weeks of horror fun!

  5. Awesome topic! I haven't read any of these books yet, but they sound interesting!

    1. I have a lot of fun with these kinds of books!

  6. I see a few I'm going to go grab! I love sea creatures. Great list.

    1. There's something about the idea of being out in a boat and not knowing what lurks underneath...

  7. Hmmmm... these have got me curious since I read that non-fiction book about Nessie! I also need to get on with reading Mira Grant's Into the Drowning Deep.