Thursday, 19 April 2018

Game of Thrones Gossip #63 The Boltons

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you.

Now I'm looking at the main characters introduced in season three, what our season two characters were doing and looking at all the bests bits. Enjoy the season three posts! 

Roose Bolton is at Robb Stark's side as the northern army arrive to liberate Harrenhal. Instead they find it the scene of mass murder with all the northern prisoners dead except Qyburn, an injured former maester, and the Lannister forces gone. He receives a message which he passes on to Robb about the death of Hoster Tully, Catelyn's father. Roose is told to take charge at Harrenhal while Robb takes his army to Riverrun for the funeral, leaving Roose unattended. His servant Locke brings him a nice surprise in the form of the captured and injured Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, but Roose is furious to see the way that Jaime has been maimed, aware that Tywin Lannister is going to be angry at the mutilation of his son.

Jaime does not hold out much hope for his future, assuming that Roose will be handing him back to Robb. He asks about Cersei and Roose gives him all the details of the Battle of the Blackwater, enjoying Jaime's misery before relenting to say that Cersei is alive and at King's Landing with Tywin. Roose makes it clear that he would consider all options. Quietly killing them both would be prudent but Roose is well aware of what he would gain from the Lannisters if he were to return Jaime safe to his father. He agrees to send Jaime home but is determined that Brienne will not go with him. He insists that Jaime makes it clear that Roose was in no way responsible for his maimed arm.

Roose then departs the castle to attend the sudden wedding of Edmure Tully to Roslin Frey at The Twins, where Robb's army have now settled. Jaime tells him to give the Lannisters regards to Robb. Roose has of course been plotting with the Freys and the Lannisters to plan the Red Wedding and he is seated beside Catelyn Stark and her uncle. Roose has not been drinking and informs Catelyn and Brynden Tully that he has been given the choice of wife by Walder Frey, picking the fattest one as he was promised his wife's weight in gold. Brynden excuses himself for a toilet visit and Edmure and his wife are taken away for the bedding ceremony. Catelyn is unnerved by the band playing The Rains of Castamere at a northern wedding and as Robb is called forward by Walder Frey to the front of the room, Roose smirks at Catelyn and urges her to check his arm, showing that he is wearing chainmail. He gets a slap from her as she yells a warning to her son but Talisa is stabbed to death at that moment and the massacre begins. Roose stays out of the way until he is able to deliver the killing blow to the badly injured Robb, telling him 'The Lannisters send their regards'.

The following day, Roose tells Walder that it was not the Ironborn who burned Winterfell, it was actually his bastard son Ramsay who did it. His one concern is that Brynden Tully escaped the massacre and is probably headed back to Riverrun to raise the alarm but Walder is not bothered as he has Edmure as a hostage. Ramsay took Theon prisoner as he burned Winterfell, but put the word out blaming Theon's men. Theon was then tortured at the Dreadfort, the Bolton family home. Ramsay, enjoying the games he was playing with Theon, pretended to be a servant sent by Yara to help him escape, putting him on a horse and telling him where to find his sister. The Bolton men find Theon and are preparing to rape them when Ramsay appears and starts killing them. The final man recognises that Ramsay was using them in a sick game and curses him just before he dies. Trusting Ramsay, Theon follows him. 

Ramsay listens as Theon confesses his jealousy of Robb and never fitting in at Winterfell and that the Stark boys are still alive. It is only when Ramsay leads him into the very room he escaped from that Theon realises his mistake. Ramsay now begins to torture him personally, first playing a guess who I am game, where Theon is unable to get the right answer and has his pinky flayed in punishment. Next he is seduced by Myranda and Violet which Ramsay interrupts to cut off his genitals, then lets Theon believe that the sausage he is eating is Theon. Theon begs for death but Ramsay indicates that a dead hostage is no good and decides to make him his servant, giving him the name of Reek. Theon tries to resist but cracks. Balon and Yara then receive a package of Theon in the post and a threat that more will follow if the ironborn to not leave the Bolton controlled north.


  1. What a twisted family. I bet it was fun to play such evil characters.

    1. I loved the portrayal of Roose Bolton, just as I liked Stannis and Tywin. They are such interesting characters.

  2. My favorites. I always love the twisted and depraved ones. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. These are the characters that just added so much to the series!