Friday, 20 April 2018

Book Blogger Test Tag

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Top Three Pet Book Hates
1-Slow plot. I hate a story that takes forever to get into the meat of the thing. I nearly DNFed Twilight for that reason. Just get on with it! If it is slow and over descriptive I quickly lose interest in it.
2-Tropes. I hate things like love triangles, instaluv, mean kids at school.Can't a new kid make friends at a school instead of getting on the wrong side of Queen Bitch or falling for Hottest Guy Ever or finding a soul mate at 14yo after one look in the canteen or having 6 guys lusting after her??? Gah!
3-Annoying characters. Whiny, pathetic, useless, sex obsessed girls or women, domestic abusing rapist thug 'heroes', obnoxious arrogant love interests, bitchy cheerleaders, zombie deniers ('ooh that half eaten dead man has got up and is eating someone ooh I wonder what is happening maybe he is on drugs!'), complete dumbasses...etc

Perfect Reading Spot
If I won the lottery I'd have a big comfy chair in a conservatory, in a quiet house overlooking a lake with mountains all around. As it is, I read in my bed!

Three Book Confessions
1-It can take me an eternity to read a 'must have' book I've just bought. Yes, I really want to have that book RIGHT NOW then I get a buzz of delight when I'm holding it in my hands...but then it joins the other hoardes and it can be years before I finally get to it!
2-I am a book hoarder and collector. I have embraced my inner book buying beast. I shall buy all the books and feel no guilt.
3-I am obsessive about protecting the spines and covers of books from damage and you will never see a dog ear or highlighted passage in my books! *shudders*

4) Last Time You Cried Reading A Book?
I teared up a bit when a favourite character died in PA Glaspy's 'When The Pain Is Gone'. I'm a soft touch and I cry at anything.

5) Number Of Books On Your Bedside Table
I don't have one. I never generally have more than two books being read at the same time anyway so I don't really need one.

6) Favourite Reading Snack
A tasty box of chocolates. Or big sharing bag of crisps with a nacho cheese dip...

7) Three Books You'd Recommend To Anyone
Zombies-Michael Stephen Fuchs-Arisen series 
Horror-JG Faherty-Carnival of Fear 
Urban Fantasy-Sonya Bateman or James R Tuck

8) A Picture Of Your Favourite Bookshelf
I have 6 bookcases in my bedroom...don't really have a favourite and they are currently getting an overhaul...

9) How Much Books Mean To You (in three words)
Want Them All!

10) Biggest Reading Secret
DNFing is a Chuckles best friend! I need to spend time on things I'm enjoying, not waste time wading through stuff I'm bored with.

Interested in taking part? Consider yourself tagged!


  1. I love this! Especially the tropes. Love triangles are the worst thing ever to happen to YA. I'm a little more lenient on insta-love, depending on the story. But I agree, people falling in love at the sight of each other is ridiculous. Give us a story, not a fairy tale!

    I also love that you DNF. If I'm not into a book, I'm done. Period. Time is way too precious to waste on stuff we don't like! Couple of years ago, I cringed at every DNF. Now I just own it.

    1. I still wonder why YA authors insist on using love triangles when so many people hate them. Don't they want to at least try and do something different? I'd rather get my teeth into a good plot! I stopped reading YA because most of what I picked up were the same tired plots and tropes. I feel sorry for those who find it tough to DNF and I'm so glad I find it easy to do!

  2. Awesome post! I hate love triangles and instalove, too...and stupid girl characters! And I'm with you on DNFing books you're not loving.

    1. I love finding those books that keep us hooked, with characters we like and interesting plots. It makes me wonder why so many authors choose to fill the books with tired tropes and nothing new.

  3. The zombie one cracked me up lol, and finding a soul mate at 14 right???? Hilarious.

    I have the same issue with your first confession- the "must have" books that then sit for ages before I read 'em!

    1. That zombie trope REALLY annoys me! If it looks like a zombie, assume it is until proven otherwise and RUN! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that issue with the must have books!

  4. I think I’m going to be stealing this tag. Your pet peeves are the same as mine. I can’t stand characters who just whine constantly. I don’t usually eat while reading because I don’t want to stain my books, but I love chocolate. That’s the perfect snack for any time.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I always have to be careful with the chocolate...I hate food smear on my pages!

  5. That flu sure is hanging on. I hope you finally kick it soon. Dream Woods is on my wish list. I'm liking the look of some others here too. And that tag looks fun. I know how you are about DNFs. LOL

    1. Dream Woods looks like bloody fun! I hope to make that one a priority. I think I will be looking at short horror when I read my reading mojo back. DNFs are great!