Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Twenty Questions Book Tag

I saw this book on AJ's blog at http://ajsterkel.blogspot.co.uk/ and it was originally sighted on https://booksvertigoandtea.com/2018/04/02/20-questions-book-tag/

1-How Many Books Are Too Many In A Series?
I think it depends on the author and book content. I have several series that are at 13 books and more but because the plot evolves all the time and characters develop, I'm just as invested in them now as I was in book one. On the flip side, Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series started like that but by book 10 it was just Anita having sex with multiple men and fighting with the same people over the same issues book after book and that got boring fast for me. I see that series is still going at book 26...

2-How Do You Feel About Cliffhangers?
I don't mind them at all! The way I see it, by the end of the book I'm either going to buy the next book or not buy it based on how I enjoyed it. If I like it, I have plenty other books to keep me amused until the next one comes out. If I didn't like it, no cliffhanger will entice me to read on anyway. So they really don't bother me one way or another unless there is a massive cliffhanger and no other book is ever published to resolve it. 

3-Hardback or Paperback?
Paperbacks. Hardbacks are too expensive and take up too much room on my bookshelves. They are also harder to get a grip on to read! I do hate sometimes having to wait a whole year after the hardback release to get my hands on the shiny paperback though.

4-Favourite Book?
My favourite ever book is Stephen King's It. I fell in love with it when I was about 12 and have read it countless times. I loved the characters and the kids run ins with the bullies and the various forms of the monsters, then was intrigued by the scared adults returning to fight it again. Classic horror!

5-Least Favourite Book?
There are plenty books I didn't like. I DNF a lot of them but it is hard to single out one book for the most hated! I guess things like Fight Club, Wuthering Heights, Catch 22, Hitchhikers Guide, His Dark Materials, Wicked, The Lovely Bones and Anansi Boys would be up there.

6-Love Triangles, Yes or No?
NO NO NO NO NO! This trope is a dealbreaker for me in books. If I see a great sounding plot and it hints at a love triangle, I won't pick up the book. I want to read the plot whether it is stopping a killer, fighting monsters or whatever, not endless whining over which hot guy or girl to choose and all the dumb angst and bickering that goes with it. It detracts from the story flow and has spoiled good books for me before. It is one of the reasons I rarely go near YA now.

7-Most Recent Book You Couldn't Finish?
The last DNFs were during the Puppy Love Challenge and were Peggy Webb's Elvis and the Dearly Departed, Cherise Kelly's Dog Aliens and Bobby D Lux's Dog Duty. I can't remember the order of DNF but none of them were to my taste!

8-A Book You Are Currently Reading?
At the moment I'm reading The Extinction Files by SM Wilson but my ongoing reading slump struggles are stopping me getting on with it! I'm trying to look at a few assorted short stories to keep me ticking over too!

9-Last Book You Recommended To Someone?
I don't specifically recommend books to my online blogging friends as it is hard to know what they might like. I tend to just put reviews about books on my blog and Goodreads and let those reading them decide for themselves if it is their kind of book. I do know my dad's book tastes which are similar to mine so I do give him the books I read! The last things I gave to him were creature feature books by Rick Chesler and Hunter Shea which he loves. 

10-Oldest Book You've Read? (Publishing Date)
I think it would be Pride and Prejudice in 1813 though I can't recall if I did actually finish it. I know I did finish Dracula which was 1897. (dates supplied by Goodreads)

11-Newest Book You've Read? (Publishing Date)
This is tricky. Most books I buy sit for a while before I get to them. It could be Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction War or Kevin Hearne's The Squirrel on the Train which came out November 2017.

12-Favourite Author?
You can never name just one can you...Richard Laymon wrote so many entertaining books and will always remain a favourite. I do love reading Hunter Shea in modern horror and Patricia Briggs werewolf series. I like JK Rowling's Harry Potters but not her adult works.

13-Buying Books Or Borrowing Books?
Buying books is my only option. Our local libraries do not feature the genres I read ie zombies and prepper apocalypses, and their horror section is about 15-20 years out of date! If I want the books in my favourite genres, I rely on Amazon.

14-A Book You Dislike That Everybody Seems To Love?
Lots! I'm not a person who follows the crowd and reads popular books and popular genres. Everyone seems to love Terry Pratchett but his stuff never did it for me. Nothing wrong with the books and they are well written but I wanted to love them and didn't.

15-Bookmarks or Dog Ears?
Dog Ears belong on cute beagles, not on my beloved books! I hate book cruelty and always use a bookmark!

16-A Book You Can Always Reread? 
Harry Potter is something I will never tire of!

17-Can You Read While Listening To Music?
I can, but I don't generally do it. I like to have the TV on as background with the sound muted when I read just in case any breaking news occurs. Sometimes I put on favourite films on a low volume while I read.

18-One Point Of View Or Multiple?
As long as the writing is good, I'm not too bothered. I suppose I do prefer one or limited POVs. If there are multiple POVs it really has to be done well or it can become either a mess, or a waste of time where every 'voice' sounds the same. George RR Martin is an example of the brilliant use of multiple POVs. 

19-Do You Read A Book In One Sitting Or Over Multiple Days?
It pretty much depends on my mood and the book. If I'm feeling alert and I get a book that really grips me, I can read for hours uninterrupted. I used to read right through the night when I got into a book but I can no longer do that as I suffer for days after if I try that! Mostly these days I read a normal sized book over 3 days and the 200 page books maybe over 2 days. 

20-A Book You Read Because Of The Cover? 
I never read a book purely based on the cover. A cover might make me pick up a book but only the blurb or detailed book reviews will entice me to buy it.


  1. I agree, dog ears belong on cute pups!

  2. I also hated Fight Club, The Lovely Bones, and Catch 22. They’re all so boring!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I seem to have less tolerance these days for slow and dull books!

  3. Fun post! I might have to do this on my own blog next month. And I'm with you on love triangles and dog earring books! They're both big NOs for me, too. :D

    1. I shudder at the thought of dog ears! *cringe* Love Triangles are evil things that spoil so many books and series.

  4. LOL I knew how you felt about love triangles! I don't mind a cliff hanger either if the book was good. Like you, I'd continue anyway. That just happened and I went right over and luckily was able to buy the second book. Fun post!

    1. Love Triangles have ruined so many decent urban fantasy books for me. I hate the things but authors can't seem to stop writing them!

  5. I was thinking about reading Pride and Prejudice next week. I love hardcovers but I agree they take too much room!