Sunday, 22 April 2018

New Release: Collapse by Kyle Danvers

If modern society collapsed, could you survive?

Captain Joel Baker has spent his entire life preparing for the worst, but he could never have prepared for the end of the world. So after an unprecedented solar storm triggers an EMP and sends the airplane he’s flying careening into chaos, he has to fight to survive—and find his way back to his family.

Therapist Shelby Baker’s job is to help her clients manage their emotions. But when the lights go out and her husband doesn’t come home to save her, Shelby must face her own demons if she’s to have any hope of keeping herself and her two teenage kids alive.

Military dropout Ashley Jenkins is trying to rebuild her life after a fatal mission. When her meditation retreat is interrupted by a plane crash in the nearby mountains, she can’t resist the old urge to put service before self—even as the values of her fellow citizens unravel before her eyes.

Does Joel have what it takes to survive long enough to reunite with his family? Can Shelby and her kids defend their home from looters and militia? Will Ashley be able to hold it together when rules and order cease to exist?

Released March 2018

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