Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Monster Month Of March!

It's that time of the year again! The snow from the Beast From The East has piled up, the winds are howling, the gas fire has been turned up and the hot homemade soup is ready to go! Yes when the weather is bad you just have to dig out those scary books as it is the Monster Month of March again! This month I'll be looking at all kinds of monsters, beasties and other nasties that you wouldn't want to meet in daylight, never mind in the dark! I'm hoping to get a TON of books read and maybe squeeze in a few scary films too!

What am I planning to read then? Well I'll be finishing up with Extinction War, the final book in the zombie variant series and then I hope to tackle a few of these.

1) Hunter Shea-Megalodon in Paradise
2) Hunter Shea-Fury of the Orcas
3) Jack Kilborn-Endurance
4) Michael Stephen Fuchs-Carnage
5) Michael Stephen Fuchs-The Siege
6) Michael Stephen Fuchs-Endgame
7) Carrie Vaughn-Kitty Goes To War
8) Carrie Vaughn-Kitty's Big Trouble
9) Carrie Vaughn-Kitty Steals The Show
10) Keith RA DeCandido-Resident Evil Extinction
11) Eli Constant-Dead Trees 2
12) Rick Chesler-DMZ
13) Rick Chesler-Yeti
14) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Hell Divers
15) Wren Cavanagh-The Last Flag
16) Jeff Strand-The Haunted Forest Tour
17) Carolyn McCray-Salechi
18) Donald Firesmith-Holes
19) Ray Garton-Lot Lizards
20) Ezekiel Boone-The Hatching
21) Catt Dahman-Dinosaur 65 Million 2
22) Catt Dahman-Dinosaur 65 Million 3 
23) Lee Dunter-Crowded But Desolate
24) Ricky Sides-Claws 2
25) Ronald Malfi-Snow

I'm going to try and watch these films!

1) It
2) Jeepers Creepers 3
3) Bigfoot Wars
4) 30 Days of Night
5) Resident Evil Extinction
6) Anacondas 3
7) Anacondas 4
8) Alien v Predator 2


  1. haha I love the intro to this post. So much energy and well downright scary ;) bring on the monsters! enjoy them Chuckles!

    1. Cool monsters aren't they! I couldn't choose between them so I just had to use them all. It shall be monsters all the month!

  2. Yay for monsters! I love that little green one too. Sounds like a perfect month for it and glad to hear you are surviving the storm. I'm curious about what you think of Fury of the Orcas. That's one Shea novel that just didn't work for me.

    1. The Loch Ness one was the lesser of the ones I've read so far. I figured I'd go for the orcas first as it doesn't sound like the best one he's done. We're surviving the storm other than running out of chocolate!

  3. Love this idea! My library has those two Hunter Shea books; maybe I'll read one this month. Or else the Ezekiel Boone. Happy monster reading! :)

    1. You must have some monsters in your life in March!

  4. Good luck with Monster Month! I checked the movie It out from my library and ended up not getting a chance to watch it. I do want to see that film. I hope you get a lot of great books read this month!

    1. I hope this month will be a good reading month as there are a lot of books there I really want to read!

  5. Monsters, yes! LOL I'm looking for some new monster reads too. I may take a chance on some new authors. The only movie on your list I haven't seen is Bigfoot Wars. That I have to see!

    1. There can never be too many monsters right?! I'm hoping for a good scary month! It was hearing about the film that made me go and read those Bigfoot books! I'm hoping it's really scary and gory!