Thursday, 1 March 2018

Book Review: Beyond Sight by Simone Pond

As horrifying as the future is, she sees it all.
Sibyl Forsyth doesn't know which is harder: navigating the supernatural realm or staying afloat at Hillside University. After all, she can't seem to register for classes.

When she receives a terrifying vision of a sacrifice happening at the next Blood Moon, Sibyl is hellbent on tracking down the demon who's initiating the gruesome ritual. But solving this mystery is harder than she imagined. Teaming up again with her reliable sidekick, Vago, and other allies in her fight against evil, Sibyl vows to save the innocent victims before they're sacrificed. Can she save the town before it falls prey to evil's reign?

If you enjoy stories with supernatural visions, suspense, budding romances, and a heroine who has a lot of heart -- then you’ll love Pond's latest urban fantasy series! 

My Review: 
Sybil is frustrated by the lack of detail in her latest visions which show women being gathered by a demon for a blood sacrifice ritual. She knows that she needs to find out where this is taking place to stop it, she knows that Vago needs to find the Holy Rock, and she needs to work out what the new and scary dreams she is having mean. Her frustration doubles when Vago, Eli and Marlo all sign up for college. Marlo and Eli have taken on so many classes that they are having to leave most of the research to Sybil. Vago on the other hand has become obsessed with Brooke, the beautiful assistant to his rock star professor, and Sybil doesn't trust her at all.

The stakes are raised when Sybil, who is hanging around the campus reading Esther's books, starts to hear about missing girls on campus and suspects that they have been taken for the blood ritual. She is sure that Professor Whitmore is bewitching the women that he comes into contact with on behalf of the demon but any attempts to get into his class or office to snoop around seems doomed to failure with his security detail keeping people away. There are also evil dogs following Sybil and her friends who seem to be working for the demon and trying to stop Sybil and her friends. Coastview is in danger again but the divided group are unsure how they can stop it.

Sybil and Eli aren't getting any time to be alone with this new crisis looming and there are other things on her mind too. Marlo has discovered that her trauma has given her an unusual gift which could be crucial in the coming battles if she can learn how to use it properly. Eli is still trying to learn to control his lightning ability and Vago is meeting with the members of his new Pack but can't seem to get motivated to look for the Holy Rock, despite Esther and Sybil both telling him how important it is. Aunt Ruthie is working at a historical manor that is hosting a women only event for the Professor, and a few new allies start to appear from within the town itself. I really like the mix of characters and the way the plot is presented as more important than the teen romance going on in the background.  

I'm not a big reader of YA now but I really like this series. I liked that there is a blind MC who is still trying to adjust to her day to day issues, while dealing with the supernatural things affecting her town. I liked that her guide dog Vago is actually a dog shifter though I sometimes do prefer him in his dog form! Marlo and Eli are interesting characters who have developed their own special abilities and are still struggling to learn how best to use them to help Sybil. Aunt Ruthie is also in for a shock when she finds the human form of Vago in his room instead of his dog self!

I've very much enjoyed the first two books in this series and I look forward to reading more about Sybil and the gang in the future.

Read February 2018
4 stars.


  1. A dog shifter - sign me up!

    1. I've really enjoyed the first two books! Can't wait to see what happens next...