Thursday, 1 March 2018

Book Review: Bones by Mark Wheaton (Bones #6-8)

When mankind is visited by Three Great Apocalypses, the only thing standing in their way is a feckless but loyal, easily distracted yet occasionally ferocious German shepherd named Bones, a one-time cadaver dog with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.  This is his amazing story.

In Bones, our hero must battle a plague of dangerous parasites that brings the dead back to life with the goal of destroying the planet. Shepherd finds Bones delivered to earthquake-devastated Los Angeles to hunt for survivors only to run afoul of armies of rage-driven rats and birds emerging from the rubble. And when mankind reaches its final hour and a pocket of surviving Indians are all that's left of humanity, it falls on Bones to save the species before civilization is wiped out forever in Alpha.

Three Apocalyptic novellas of nature run amok, three interwoven stories that feature a German shepherd at the center of the things, three stories with so much action you might just explode reading them. 

My Review: 
I tried to complete the complete omnibus of Bones adventures but could only find an email copy of this one which is parts 6-8, and focuses on Bones part in three apocalypse events. The book takes the form of three novellas, which all focus on a different apocalypse event that Bones is involved in.

1) A marine biologist discovers new species to bring back to his lab, unaware that his sterile lab equipment has been used by several people who failed to clean up after themselves. This reaction between the specimen and these chemicals starts a horrific outbreak. Bones and his handler Billy have been called to a junkyard to find a missing woman but as they leave the scene, there is a car crash that kills a couple of people and Bones is puzzled to find a dead man rising out of other car and coming after him. He flees back to the other police at the junkyard to find a zombie apocalypse beginning. Now Bones has to try and help the surviving humans in the area survive until the authorities get everything under control.

2) Bones is living wild in the mountains when the military find him to embark on a new mission-to go into the disaster zone of Los Angeles to find any survivors of a massive earthquake that has killed millions of people. He is given to a new handler Elizabeth but they become seperated when a second deadly earthquake hits the area. Bones ends up with another group of survivors who are looking for a way out provided by a few military officers on a rescue mission...but the rats and birds in the city have become sick and are looking to attack anything that is moving in the city.

3) A full apocalyptic virus has wiped out most of the population of the United States with only pockets of humans who are slowly grouping together for survival and security. Bones is on a mission of his own, to get back to his original owner Lionel in the house that they once shared together but he comes into contact with a group of survivors who need his help when a roving band of deadly dogs are attacking all the humans in the area. Can Bones help them to survive? Will he then be able to continue on his final mission to find Lionel?

The POV of this book features seeing things through the eyes of Bones, and getting an idea of what a dog might be thinking as the events unfold around him. I liked seeing that for a change. We also follow the adventures in each book of the humans that Bones comes into contact with. I totally love Bones-he's a tough police dog and is brave in his defence of any humans that need his help. I just want to adopt this furry guy! I enjoyed his adventures especially the first one with the zombie mutation disease. The third was the lesser of the stories as I didn't like some of the characters in it but overall it was a good read.

I'm not going into details about the plots of each story as that would ruin it for everyone else. If you love dogs and apocalypses you might want to check out Bones if you can get a copy.

Read February 2018
3 stars.


  1. Woah! This sounds terrifying! Though, I must admit I like the idea of it all revolving around Bones.

    1. Bones was great! It was some good apocalypse fun!