Friday, 2 March 2018

Chuckles Chat #58 Regular Updates

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For those of us doing the various challenges, whether it is on Goodreads, our own personal challenges or taking part in things we see on other blogs, it can be fun to share our progress with other bloggers in the form of update posts. Some of us do an update at the end of each month, maybe a mid month update, or just when we have something significant to report.

I spend December frantically deciding on my personal challenges for the upcoming year. I knew for 2018 that I wanted to do a few of my usual challenges. I signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and I actually update my progress on that one each week on my Weekend Roundup post. That lets me see which reading weeks have been good and which were not, and that can motivate me to make sure that the next week is better. I also keep a weekly running total of the number of unread books on my TBR, a figure that continually depresses me! These are the books I physically own on paperback or have a digital copy of on my ereaders. I'm trying not to look at that number very often!

I don't generally take part in any challenges on other blogs as popular things like Coyer just have too many restrictive rules over what you can and can't do. I respect the right of the challenge creators to arrange things how they want but being too restrictive on book choice does put people like me off. The only challenge run by someone else that I'm doing is the Puppy Love Challenge over at Booker T's Farm. This is a dog book challenge running for the whole month and I've only read 3/12 for it so far so I need to get moving with it! I will update that one at the end of the month.

My personal challenges that I do most years are my series catchup and ebook blitz. Last year I only read one full big series which was a disappointing effort. This year I'm already at book 8 in my first chosen series and have finished a few shorter series too. My ebook challenge is to get 100 ebooks looked at and off my TBR. Both challenges had a start post in January where I set out what I wanted to read and there was an update post at the end of January. I'll be updating both of these on the last day of each month all year. I'm also doing a Horror Writer Catch Up and Paperbacks challenge, along with a film challenge. The book ones will have monthly updates but the film one will be updated maybe every couple of months. I haven't really decided at the moment.

So why do a monthly update? Speaking personally, it gives me the chance to really look at what I read over the month and see if I put equal effort into each one. Did I read a few from one challenge but neglect another? Am I falling behind with progress on any of my challenges? Last year I didn't do a monthly update on any of the challenges and by the end of the year I was very disappointed by the lack of progress. This year I was determined to update at the end of each month and I do feel that it has helped me get something done for each challenge. I do enjoy reading these update challenges on other blogs, and I think that helps us all, knowing that other bloggers are keen to see what you are doing and giving you some support in your efforts!

Last year I started playing around with pie chart graphics and at the end of the year I did pie charts looking at the genres I read over the year,stand alone v series reads and male v female authors. That was a lot of fun but having to plough through the stats on every book I read over a whole year was time consuming and frustrating and there are a few errors there that I never fixed. I decided this year that I was going to have monthly updates for every challenge on my blog AND a journal with the same things noted down. This way I can add up the 12 results for the months, knowing the figures are all correct, instead of a book by book analysis of 200 reads in one go! The journal has notes on every book I read-genre, pages, author gender, publisher, star rating, read v DNF. That will provide all the info I need for all my pie charts. I'm likely to do that just as a yearly update but I might consider a 6 months update if I remember or maybe every quarter. I haven't decided yet.

I also do an end of year update on each genre that I read to show everyone a pile of books good and bad that I've read through the year. Hopefully the people looking at them who might have missed my reviews through the year might find a few that interest them! Hey, if I'm going to be buried by my TBR I'm taking all of you with me!

What kind of updates do you do? Do you have a monthly roundup of challenges or books bought? What do you do as yearly roundups? Are you a graphics beast?


  1. I review everything I read on Goodreads and participate in a few buddy reads and Bingo challenges in Goodreads groups. Otherwise I don't really bother with wrap-ups and roundups because I'm lazy and forget to half the time. I also have a physical notebook for jotting down thoughts, but end up not doing that either. I'm usually full of good intentions but my laziness keeps me from doing nifty things. At least I do read a 100 books a year and do review those on Goodreads. It's a start.

    1. I think I'm a bit OCD at times with catchup posts. It's still annoying me that I posted it on March 1st not February 28th! I do sometimes forget but I'm trying not to this year!

  2. I have a challenge page on my blog that I update whenever I remember. I count the books on my TBR shelf at the end of every month and put that in my monthly wrap-up post. I don’t do many challenges, so I don’t have too much stuff to keep track of.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I feel I have too much to keep track of and at times I seem to forget how to count the small totals I have! I'm hopeless right now!

  3. I don't post my full reviews on Goodreads anymore, but I post a snippet and link to my blog. But I do still take part in their yearly challenge. I set my goal for 150 this year, because I am really buckling down on getting my book completed by August 1st.

    I carried over my US President challenge from last year to read a book about every president, because I tend to focus on Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy. I failed miserably last year and do not intend to do the same this year!

    I don't really do any end of the year or end of the month wrap-ups, I just read too much to do so. I started doing a State of the ARC feature that is helping me with my personal goal of getting these ARCs done, but otherwise I don't really do any specific challenges.

    1. I just take the copy and paste route between Goodreads and the blog coz I'm just lazy! I hope to get cracking on my reading tonight as things have been a bit slack the last week or two. Fingers crossed! Good luck with the President Challenge! That will be quite a feat to accomplish! I do like US history but just haven't had the time to read much non fiction these days. I can understand why you don't have time for the updates!