Thursday, 1 March 2018

Chuckles Challenge Update-February

OK here is my second update of the year on how all my challenges are going so far. My aim is to ensure I make progress on each of them, however little that is, every month of the year. I don't expect to complete them all, but a nice dent in each one will be good!

My Goodreads Reading Challenge 
Read: 40/200
DNF:  10
DNS:   5
Total: 55 
Verdict-Decent start but didn't read enough this month. I only completed 15 books.

Horror Writers Challenge
Read: 2/24
Verdict-Getting two done is par for what I need each month to complete the challenge. I didn't read any towards that challenge this month. Next month is horror month so that will change.

Series Catch Up
Read: 13
DNF: 0
Verdict-I only added one of the Kitty Norville series to my list this month, giving me a total of 7 read in the series so I need to read more of that in March. However I did catch up on 4 other series that I had targeted. 7 last month, 6 this month is ok.

Kitty Norville-1
Zompoc Survivor-2 (completed trilogy)
Dark Days-1 (Up to date, 1 to be published)
Extinction-1 (Completed final book in series)
Iron Druid-1 (up to date, 1 to be published)

Get 'Em Orf My Bookshelves!
Read: 5/40
DNF:  2
Total: 7
Verdict-Pleased to get five read last month but just 2 DNFs this month. Not great. 

Peggy Webb-Elvis and the Dearly Departed
W Bruce Cameron-The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man

E Book Blitz
Read: 16
DNF:  9
DNS:  4
Verdict-More effort required on this one! I'm lagging a bit...

Stats Breakdown:

Male Authors: read-21, DNF-8
Female Authors: read-19, DNF-2
DNS: 4 (all male)

Star Ratings: (includes DNF)
1 star:    2
2 star:    8
2.5 star: 2
3 star:    11
3.5 star: 1
4 star:    17
5 star:    7
not rated: 7

Genres: (read only)
NF: 5
UF: 14
Horror: 4
Apocalypse: 9
Zombie: 5
Fantasy: 1
Cozy: 1
SF: 1

Publishing: (read only)
Indie: 23
Big: 17

Pages: (read only)
0-99: 6
100-199: 11
200-299: 13
300-399: 7
400+: 3

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