Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Top Ten Tuesday DNF

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Finally a topic of interest that I can do! I know this was last week's topic but I was offline all week so I'll do it this week instead of the travel one. I'm doing 10 books I thought I was going to love but DNFed them instead.

1) Gary A Braunbeck-Mr Hands
I went into this thinking Mr Hands from the creepy cover was carving people up but he doesn't appear until the last third! It was dull and was obsessed with the previous lives of several characters and no creepy demon thing to be seen! I was very disappointed by this.

2) Rachel Caine-Ill Wind
I loved the sound of a government agency controlling the weather to save lives but this was really dull. The MC was bland and useless, spent most of her time driving around avoiding clouds and complaining. Really disappointing AND chaper one had 99 pages!!!

3) Kathleen Collins-Realm Walker
The MC drove me mad. You'd think a woman who relocates dangerous creatures wouldn't still be pining 7 years after being dumped and have more spine than to swoon over his return. Don't forget the dreadful love triangle. Her job sounded interesting but she wasn't.

4) Suzannah Dunn-The Queen's Sorrow
This was meant to be the unhappy life of Queen Mary but instead it is mostly the moaning and whinging of  imaginery courtier Rafael and his adventures in London. He barely saw the Queen in what I read. I expected so much more from this book.

5) Wendy J Dunn-Dear Heart How Like You This?
I was excited by a book about Sir Thomas Wyatt but I hated that it was written in the flowery old language, declarations of love every three lines, switching from Anne to Anna in the same line and very over descriptive to the point of boredom.

6) Devon C Ford-Survival
I was excited about a UK apocalypse book but the two main characters insisted on talking to each other like the British airmen in Allo Allo and it drove me mad. Spiffing, chin chin old boy and really annoying stuff like that. DNFed after a couple of chapters.

7) Andrew Fukuda-The Hunt
Gene is a human surviving in a vampire world by pretending to be one-until he is chosen for a game where humans are hunted. This sounded so good but the actual hunt starts right at the end of the book and the rest are his rituals and going to vampire training camp. Not great.

8) Michael Grant-Gone
I liked the idea of this book with adults suddenly vanishing but there was too much racism and bullying, long spells where nothing much happened and the book was just too long and overpadded. Very repetitive as well.

9) Joe Hill-Horns
I really enjoyed the present scenes where Ig was making people do funny stuff and if that was the whole plot I might have loved it. But I hated the boring childhood flashbacks that padded out the book and that switched off my interest. I'll try the film though.

10) Dan Hodges-One Minute To Ten
This claimed to be a look at the three UK political party leaders on election night but it wasn't-it was an unfunny parody of what they might be thinking and doing with made up flashbacks. It was an utter waste of time and money.


  1. Whiny characters are one of the biggest reasons I DNF. I hear enough whining in real life. I don’t need it in books.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I really liked Horns for some reason. I think because I liked Ig. The movie is pretty good though so I'd say give it a chance at least. Although - lots and lots of snakes - YUK! I'm pretty sure I have Ill Wind hiding on my shelves somewhere. I bought it when I was buying a lot of mass market urban fantasy years ago.

    1. The bits where he was making people do things were funny-it was the flashbacks that bored me. I do intend to try the film though.

  3. Too bad about Gone- I kinda do like that premise!

  4. Oh no...Joe Hill is on your list. I have a copy of Horns that I haven't read yet. And what is with a 100 page chapter in the Caine book?

    1. I couldn't believe the length of that chapter-it was insane!

  5. The most disappointing DNFs. :( It's a total kick in the teeth when you think you're gonna love a book and NOPE NOPE NOPE.