Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Book Review: When The Pain Is Gone by PA Glaspy (A Powerless World #3)

They thought they were safe, somewhat hidden from the world. They were wrong.

They thought they knew how to protect themselves and each other. They were wrong again.

In the blink of an eye, they lost people, good people, who were trying to help others. When the evil outside the farm finds its way in, how will they react? Will they hide themselves away, or join in the fight for survival and freedom? They’ve paid the ultimate price. How much more will this new way of life cost them? 

My Review: 
Having posted the first two reviews of this series months ago, I am finally writing my review of the dramatic conclusion to the trilogy.
Things at the farm are at a critical point after recent events. Ryan is withdrawing from the group, consumed by thoughts of revenge and Anne fears that he may do something stupid. Sara and Tony finally realise that guns are their only defence in this new world and they start to embrace the survivalist lifestyle. The homesteaders have to start trying to pick up the pieces and also keep their guard up in case of another attack. Monroe's attitude has already hardened and he decides it is time to protect his own and not help anyone else. When they see the fire nearby at the Dotson house they realise that it could be a trap to draw them out but they do have to take a look anyway.

Clay may have evaded imprisonment for his crimes as he is put to work instead but he is still plotting on how he can steal food for his family, not learning from his mistakes. Barbara decides to open a trading store where people can barter their goods and where she also dresses meat for the town hunters, but runs into trouble from Doug almost immediately. The local vet decides to set up a medical centre, looking after the humans as well as the animals. Angie and Gary distribute the remaining food to the town while Tim realises that he must now start contributing himself. Angie realises that the incident near the farm may have cost the town the chance to strike the deal about working Monroe's land for food, which could doom them all. 

After what happened at the farm, Steve and Rich are concerned about Alan's obsession with it  but in the end they are too scared to act against him and continue to follow his plans. Alan is determined to entice the farm occupants out to investigate the fire that he started, but it doesn't quite go to plan. Realising that he lacks the firepower, Alan goes looking for a gang to recruit...

This is the final book in the apocalypse trilogy and I have really enjoyed this series. Anne is a great narrator because she is an ordinary woman who could have been your neighbour. She is not a superhero but she has prepared for possible disaster by gathering knowledge and trying to learn new skills that will help her in the new world. She is someone that you can instantly like. That is true of most of the characters, especially those at the farm, and after what happened in the last book I could see that none of my favourites were safe with Alan plotting more attacks. It was quite a tense book and a fitting end to the series.

I also liked following events around the good people in town who just want their community to work together and survive the disaster. It was interesting to see how they could live without all the convenient gadgets and money, and create a new life. It does talk about the kinds of things communities can do with some effort yet it doesn't come across as preachy which some prepper apocalypse books can do. I like these books when they are informative as well as entertaining and this series gets the balance right. It also shows clearly that there will always be individuals in a community who always want more than everyone else and who will resort to violence to get more than their share.

There is also plenty of action in the book as Alan continues to plot how to take over the farm and all of the resources there. His plotting leads to an encounter with the looters than Anne and her group have had several run ins with already, but can Les be persuaded to let Alan take charge of things, even if the reward was big? Watching all of this happening made me want to find a way to warn the homesteaders or alert the police! The action scenes are well written and the author knows how to keep ramping up the tension as an attack approaches. 

The writing is uncomplicated and the story flows nicely. When you add in well written characters that you care about, the day to day life events and those elements of danger, it works out perfectly. I've so much enjoyed discovering this author and I will certainly be reading a lot more of her work as she releases it, bwith my eye on her nuclear blast series next. If you like apocalypse books that have that human edge to them, I recommend this series.

Read February 2018 
5 stars


  1. This series sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be adding them to my WL.

  2. The first book of this series is sitting on my TBR of many, but one that I really want to read. Especially now that I know the series wraps up so well. :)

    1. It does come to a satisfying end. I really want to read more by the author!