Friday, 22 June 2018

Book Review: Domus by DS Lillico

Humanity needs a new home. 

The Seeker Project has been exploring deep space for over a decade. Eight men and women have journeyed to a distant planet to colonise a new human frontier on Domus. Before landing, the Captain of the Marauder does all he can to hide Domus' secret - it already has a dominant life form, and it is always hungry. 

In a hostile environment swarming with ferocious prehistoric predators, the project descends into a terrifying struggle for survival. The crew of the Seeker Marauder will have the fight of their lives not only to save themselves but to keep the dwindling flame of mankind burning. 

My Review: 
By 2017 the planet is dying and a new project begins. In 2037 4 men and 4 women are chosen to travel to a new planet, which will take 20 years, set up a base and repopulate. Things begin to unravel when one man dies of cancer before they arrive and one woman is not happy with her assigned partner and chases a man partnered with someone else. Tensions are high when they reach Domus and that is where their problems really begin.

I do have to wonder about the way the whole mission was planned. If it took 20 years to get there, why on earth were they not allowed to 'mate' during the journey? That way their kids would be adults by the time they got there and ready to pair off themselves, and there would have been extra pairs of hands to get things done when they landed. Let's hope the women can still have kids and that there are no complications with the 40 somethings giving birth. Why did they not screen the people better? Why not send more people than just eight if you are repopulating a whole planet? 

Anyway, the ship arrives safely at Domus. Racker decides to stay on the main ship while the others go down to the surface to get things started, just in case there is any trouble. It is the strained relationships that dominate the start of this book as they bicker and fall out, with two of the women sleeping with the partner of someone else and causing massive problems. The whole mission is at stake by the time Racker spots a bit heat signature coming their way. It is after they deal with the beast that Racker realises that it was a prehistoric crocodile and that he has also spotted extinct birds. It becomes clear that some of the life on Domus is hostile and they are sharing the planet with dinosaurs. 

It takes a while to get into the main part of the story, about 20% before the crocodile is mentioned and I could have done with things moving along a bit quicker than that, with a bit less on the relationship angst. However when the main focus switches to dealing with the dinosaurs, things become a lot more interesting. I liked the scenes where the humans were in danger from the various dinosaurs, and the switching POV when they are split up makes things more interesting as they all faced their own dangers. Of course, the ruptured relationships within the team also lead to a whole new danger.

It was a decent enough read and the dinosaur parts were good. I just felt that there was too much relationship angst in the first part of the book for me personally. 

Read February 2018.
2.5 stars


  1. 8 people? For the whole planet?
    Even Noah wasn't fighting dinosaurs when he did that! ;-)

    From what you've written, it seems like the screening process wasn't thought about very much by the author. It almost sounds like they had the idea for the planet and then had to work up to it.

    Was there a reason given for only 8? That just seems like putting all your eggs into one space basket...

    1. It does sound a bit ill thought. I think there was something about taking genetic material so maybe they planned to use that later. I still reckon you need more than 4 forty something women to populate a planet!

  2. That's a 5-star cover! Too bad the rest of the novel didn't quite live up to it. :)

    1. Yeah it had some good points but just didn't deliver in the way I hoped.