Thursday, 14 June 2018

Game of Thrones Gossip #70 Brienne

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you.

Now I'm looking at the main characters introduced in season three, what our season two characters were doing and looking at all the bests bits. Enjoy the season three posts! 

Brienne's patience is being sorely tested by her prisoner Jaime who is continually trying to needle her about her looks, her ability's and her life in general. She is focused on trying to ignore the jibes and do as she promised Catelyn, delivering him to King's Landing and freeing the Stark girls. The journey brings them into contact with a traveler on the road who speaks to them. Jaime urges Brienne to go after the man and kill him, concerned that the man may have recognised him and reported their position. Brienne has no intention of killing an innocent man and refuses to do so, a decision that she will come to regret. It is clear that Jaime has a more cynical view of things than she does but it is an instinct that would have served her better.

Brienne knows that they must now cross the river. She is faced with the dangerous crossing through the water with a hand-tied prisoner or the option of using a wide open bridge which may well be watched by enemies. She chooses to cross the bridge where Jaime for some stupid reason decides to try and escape in the middle of hostile territory, rather than be taken home. They begin to fight when Jaime steals one of her swords. He is not in great shape after his captivity and has the disadvantage of his hands being tied, and realises that Brienne is more skilled than he thought. Brienne finally gets the better of Jaime but their fight out in the open has attracted attention and armed men from House Bolton led by sadistic Locke, take them prisoner. They were aleted by the traveler that Brienne refused to kill.

Jaime and Brienne are unaware that House Bolton are about to betray Robb and expect to be returned to him. As they head to their camp for the night Brienne is angry when Jaime warns her that the men intend to rape her that night and that if she wants to live she should let them get on with it and think of Renly. She indicates that she will fight them every step of the way even if she dies and Jaime admits he would do the same in her position. When the camp is set, Jaime watches as Brienne is taken into the woods to be gang raped and decides to make a deal with their captors, saving her. Brienne realises that Jaime is responsible for her reprieve and watches on with horror as his clumsy attempts to negotiate lead to him having his sword hand cut off. After his injury, Jaime is ready to give up and die but Brienne persuades him to eat so he can get his revenge later.

Brienne are taken to Harrenhal where they become 'guests' of Roose Bolton. She is the first person that hears the real story behind the Kingslayer, listening in horror as Jaime recounts how The Mad King had put wildfire all over the city and was telling the pyromancer to burn down the entire city, killing not just his enemies but all the innocent people in King's Landing. She realises that he is not the evil man she believed him to be and when he collapses, she holds him in her arms as she calls for help. They say goodbye as Jaime is being permitted to return to King's Landing while she is to be held for treason. In reality, once Jaime is gone, she is gifted to Locke and his men. Brienne is in the pit with a wooden sword and an angry bear that she is to fight when she is surprised to see Jaime return to rescue her, insisting on taking her with him. They continue on their journey together.

I loved the scenes with Jaime and Brienne, especially the scene in the bath where we see how the sacking of King's Landing by the rebels led to Jaime being unfairly labelled as a mere Kingslayer. The journey with Brienne was the start of his redemption and I loved it!


  1. I finished reading A Storm of Swords a few days ago! I also like the scene with Brienne and Jaime in the bath. That was the first time they actually talked and didn’t just insult each other.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I love the relationship that they have and how it changed through the journey.