Sunday, 18 February 2018

Prepping With Chuckles #7 Prepper Websites

This topic follows on a bit from last week in that I'm sharing some of the good websites where I get a lot of my information and sometimes, free books sent to my email or available for straight download from the sites themselves.

These are sites I follow through bloglovin or be email subscription:

The Daily Sheeple 
If you haven't heard the term Sheeple before, it refers to the mass of ordinary people who are not preppers and are blissfully living an unprepped life. The preppers are the sheepdogs who are trying to protect and educate the flock and bring them into the prepper fold. The wolves are things like government agencies who are threatening personnel freedom and enemies of your country who want to destroy your way of life. The Daily Sheeple's catchphrase is 'wake the flock up', and their mission is to tell you other things you won't find on your news on TV. 

There are conspiracy theories on this site that have me tearing my hair out at times but it likes to also tell you about things that aren't making the mainstream media. I've found a lot of shocking articles on about laws being sneaked in behind Americans backs, and people being prosecuted in America for doing terrible crimes like growing their own vegetables, using rainwater in their garden, homeschooling their kids, and not being connected to city water and power supplies. Take a look at these articles! 

The Organic Prepper
Prepardness, Health, Frugality and Food are the mainstays of this site. I like that the blog owner doesn't know everythings, tries things and sometimes fails and is all about doing what she can on a budget. At the moment she is offering a free book about a thrifty Christmas and debt free new year. I have paperback versions of two of Daisy's books already. Here are a few sample posts. 

The Survivalist Blog

MD Creekmore is a great writer and I bought his book The Prepper's Guide to Surviving TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it). His site helps ordinary people on a budget prepare for the future. He is currently offering a free ebook The Prepper's Primer for new subscribers. Join the Wolf Pack now! 

Ready Nutrition
Strategies, Resources and Recipes! 

Prepper Website
This site has a massive database of all kind of prepper topics.

SHTF Prepardeness
Prepping, Survival and Homesteading. This site has a lot of really good articles to read. 


  1. So much to check out. Thanks for all of these links!

    1. I need to find time to go through the back catalogue of articles on these sites! There is so much great information!