Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Book Review: Dog Duty by Bobby D Lux

Dog Duty is the debut novel from Bobby D. Lux. It tells the tale (or "tail") of Fritz, a German Shepherd who was once the top dog of the Grand City Police Department . . . literally. There's police dogs and then there's Fritz. A true dog's dog. A dog neither afraid nor jaded by the streets he patrols and the criminals he chases. But all that changes in a moment. On another routine late-night foot pursuit, Fritz is confronted by Clay, an ex-military Rottweiler custom built with one-syllable efficiency. Bite. Maim. Kill.

Fritz' injuries force him into a retirement of backyard boredom surrounded by suburbanite hounds of all shapes and sizes. That won't do for a dog like Fritz. There's a reason why you don't see retired K-9 dogs laying around.

Fritz narrates his quest for revenge and redemption in this adventure that takes him through the seedy canine underworld of cat-races, underground clubs, back alleys, and dog parks. Along the way, he encounters criminals of all breeds, derelict mutts, beauty queens, and a hotshot young K-9 hungry for publicity. At the end of that road is where Fritz will find Clay. That's the only way Fritz will ever get his life back.

My Review:
I fell in love with the cover of this book and the idea of a book written from the POV of police dog Fritz was very appealing, so I went ahead and bought it. I'm sad to say that I was quite disappointed with what I read of it.

It gets off to a good start with Fritz on the trail of a fleeing suspect, and Fritz is confident enough in his ability to catch the bad guy that he even takes time to save a grateful cat. When he follows the suspect down an alley, the thug's violent dogs ambush Fritz who is badly hurt and can't chase after them. Now Fritz is not only facing forced medical retirement, and life as a civilian pet. He also has to face being replaced in the police force by cocky new rookie dog Nitro, who is less than complimentary about what happened to Fritz.

After the attack, things get rather boring for me. Fritz attends his retirement party where he is mocked by the obnoxious Nitro again. We get the story of his last night at the police kennel, the journey back to the house of his handler, and his new kennel. It is here that we are introduced to two more obnoxious dogs already owned by the family, who get Fritz into trouble straight away. What is it with all these other dogs being complete asshats? And why doesn't Fritz just explain the situation to them? We then go into Fritz settling into this new environment.

I don't know when the action starts moving on to Fritz going to solve the original crime but I was getting personally bored waiting for it to happen. I wanted to read about that, not Fritz having issues with every dog that comes along. Maybe more patient readers will like this kind of thing but for me it just didn't seem to be going anywhere fast. I just found it pretty dull if I'm being honest.

Read February 2018
2 stars DNF 


  1. Another one where we felt so different. LOL I thought it started okay but lag a bit. It did get going though and I liked the end.

    1. Yeah just took too long to start getting into the main story for me!