Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Chuckles Film Challenge 2018


I've always been a film fan and enjoyed nothing better than curling up in my bed with the lights out and some junk food. That changed when I became more interested in reading and in the last five years I've barely watched anything new at all. Now I think I need to motivate myself for watching films by doing an actual year long challenge and trying to get them watched!

Here is the list of films I'll be trying to look at this year. I doubt I'll get to all of them but if I can get through most, I'll be happy!

Category one-based on true events:

1   Legend
2   Patriots Day
3   Captain Phillips
4   Hillsborough
5   Deepwater Horizon
6   Sully
7   33
8   The Hatton Garden Job
9   Hatton Garden The Heist
10 Wizard of Lies
11 Florence Foster Jenkins
12 Aftermath
13 Suffragette
14 Rush
15 Zero Dark Thirty
16 Argo

Category two-monsters, beasties and cute critters

1   Jeepers Creepers 3
2   It
3   Bigfoot Wars
4   Alien v Predator 2
5   30 days of night
6   Fantastic Beasts
7   Within The Rock
8   Planet of the Sharks
9   Shark Lake
10 Super Shark
11 Resident Evil-Extinction
12 Resident Evil-Afterlife
13 Resident Evil-Retribution
14 Resident Evil-The Final Chapter
15 Predators
16 Anacondas 3 
17 Anacondas 4
18 Paddington
19 Never Cry Werewolf
20 Descent 2


1   San Andreas
2   2012 
3   Sinkhole
4   Into The Storm
5   Contagion

1   The Hunger Games 1
2   The Hunger Games 2
3   The Hunger Games 3
4   The Hunger Games 4


  1. I like your list of movies on true events -- especially Sully. It is was much more engrossing than I expected.

    1. I've got a few interesting ones by the sound of it! I'm looking forward to watching Sully.

    2. I really enjoyed Sully. I didn't think I would but my husband put it on and I was enraptured.

    3. I usually like that kind of story though I'm wondering how a short incident can become a long film without slow bits!

  2. I've seen quite a few of these, especially the monsters, beasties and cute critters. All except for Paddington. I keep meaning to watch it. I really liked IT but those are some foul-mouthed kids - much more than in the original. I really enjoyed San Andreas. Good luck getting to these!

    1. I'm so far behind in film watching as you can see! I generally like these disaster films. I was so excited about 2012 coming out but I still haven't watched it yet! Paddington just looks so cute!

  3. I liked The Hunger Games movies. I haven’t seen the others, but I hope you enjoy them all!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I do need to get these things watched...I have hundreds more waiting on me!

  4. I've heard Deepwater Horizon was really good, family members saw it and loved it. And zero Dark Thirty I think I'd like to as well. San Andreas was crazy (is that the one with the Rock?) and Anacondas just souns fun. I'm thinking of watching Lake Placid again and doing a post on it- so much fun.

    I liked the HG movies.

    1. Yeah San Andreas is the one with The Rock. My dad is a big fan of his. I used to like Lake Placid but the last time I watched it Briget Fonda's character whining and all the fighting actually annoyed me too much! I liked the first two Anaconda films so I better watch the sequels.

  5. I really liked Suffragette and Argo! :)

  6. That's a great list. I've seen all but a few of these. I still need to see the last Hunger Games movies and it's winging it's way to me in the mail now. I just watched The Ritual on Netflix. Got a wendigo in it. 47 Meters Down was okay. Have you watched American Horror Story. I'm all caught up on the seasons. I think you might like some of them too.

    1. I didn't like the first two episodes of American Horror Story as I found the characters annoying and never went back to it. The Ritual is getting mixed reviews and the comparioson to Blair Witch is worrying...I hope it isn't found footage type camera work.

  7. I love all the Resident Evil movies! Have watched I don;t know how many times! Jeepers Creepers is SO graphic OMG! But.. love it! and Hunger Games! You cannot go wrong with those! You just made me crave a Hunger Game marathon Chuckles! :) Enjoy your movies!

    1. The first two Jeepers films were so good and I feel like I've waited forever for the third one! I can't believe how long it is taking me to catch up with Resident Evil!

  8. Oh, what a cool challenge!! I like your picks - most of them I haven't seen yet, but are on my list as well, like the Resident Evil movies, or San Andreas!

    I loved Fantastic Beasts and Super Shark was lots of fun as well :D I watched Dinoshark(?) as well, I think. There's so many of those!

    1. I've seen Dinoshark-it was a decent enough film. I watched lots of shark films last year.