Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Behind The Screen Tag

This book tag was originally created by http://dulivre.blogspot.co.uk/ and I found it at http://ajsterkel.blogspot.co.uk/ . If you're interested in taking part consider yourself tagged!

1) When did you start blogging and what was your first review?
I had another blog prior to this one where I talked about a bit of everything but it was pretty dull. This blog started in 2013 with a spoiler filled review of The Hunger Games! I try NOT to give away the whole story in my reviews now! When I look at those early posts, they are terrible! They lack decent graphics or editing!

2) Who/What inspired you to start blogging?
In 2013 I came across the offer of a free book from author David Estes in exchange for a review. I was blown away by the book and it introduced me to read for review book groups and gave me an insight into the world of Indie writers and their struggle for publicity. I was bored with my old blog so I decided to start a new one where I would do what I could to promote Indie books and authors. It's something I care a lot about at The Book Cave and most of what you see on my blog is Indie and self published.

3) What is a blog related goal that you have?
I don't bother with the number of followers I have as a statistic but I would like to find a few more bloggers to interact with who share the same interests and book tastes. So if you love the likes of Harry Potter, Buffy, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, horror, apocalypse, zombies, books that are more plot and less romance, books without teen angst and tropes, or you know someone who does like these things and DOESN'T use Disqus on their blog, you know where I am!

4) What is the one thing that you wish someone told you about blogging?
How time consuming it is! I spend all day on the computer writing blog posts in advance, writing book reviews, doing these tags, answering comments and visiting other blogs!I never actually realised how much work it can be!

5) What is your biggest blog related accomplishment?
I'm not sure I really have any accomplishments to be honest. I am pleased about the response so far to my prepper posts I guess. I want to show my followers that preppers aren't just the Doomsday kind that you see on TV with tanks and compounds, but are ordinary people who want to be ready just in case bad stuff happens.

6) What types of posts do you enjoy writing?
I've enjoyed writing my Game of Thrones posts. I like doing book tags and funny stuff. I like doing my Cover Love posts each week.

7) Where do you usually blog? What does your set up look like?
I have a PC on a computer desk in the living room downstairs. At the moment the arrival of the new sofa and chair, which we didn't have the sense to measure, means it is sitting out in the middle of the floor like a volcanic island. We have spent months trying to work out how to get everything to fit and we have a plan to get the stuff moved! Getting it done will take longer. Then I might put up a photo!

8) What was your last 5 star read?
The last one I read was the last of the PA Glaspy EMP series. I gave all 3 books a 5 star rating. The final one was When the Pain is Gone. Great reads!

9) What was your last 1 star read?
Peggy Webb's Elvis and the Dearly Departed. Read it for a dog book challenge and hated every character in it!

10) What are three words that make you pick up a book?
apocalypse, zombie, prepper

11) What is your Hogwarts House?
Hufflepuff! I boogie with the badgers!

12) What is your favourite reading environment?
I read in my bed. I like to read to unwind every night. I do sometimes read on the sofa if I'm home alone but my bed is my quiet zone!

13) What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Focus more on interacting with those who leave comments and visit their blogs in return. Try and keep your content varied but ensure that you are happy with what you are showing.


  1. Perfect advice for new bloggers. What a fun tag! I love the volcanic island analogy - I can actually see it in my head :)

    1. I'm floating quite close to the fire as it is getting quite cold now!

  2. I had to smile when I read that your first review was filled with spoilers. Most of us do that ! :) I hope you can set up tour blogging nook soon!

  3. I love your advice to new bloggers. That’s so true. I read in bed, too! That’s the only place where everybody leaves me alone.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I'll be hiding under the covers tonight-the snow has arrived!

  4. Oh this was a walk through the past. Great idea! So glad you've been blogging. :)

  5. Such a fun tag and good advice. I hope you are staying warm as the storm rages:)

    1. I've got over a foot of snow around my house but we're nice and warm inside! No issues with the power so far, fingers crossed.

  6. I think we all cringe when looking back at our earlier reviews lol. And that's interesting, it was also the desire to promote indie books that got me started book blogging. And I get your blogging goal because I too would love to find more bloggers who actually have the same taste as me.

    1. My early posts weren't great for sure! I think blogging has been good all round for Indie authors...gets their books out there for other bloggers and reviewers to see!