Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Prepping With Chuckles #6 Build A Free Prepper Library

Apologies for the late posting this week. Catching up every day with a night of Winter Olympic action is playing havoc with my spare time! This week I want to talk about a nice pile of FREE books to start your prepper library!

Yes we all love a nice free book don't we? But this time I'm not talking about horror or romance or apocalypse books. I'm talking about important prepper topics that you might want to learn more about. You can get a lot of these short guides totally free on Amazon without being a member of Kindle Unlimited!

What are these topics and why do I need to know about them? Well, not all these topics are going to be of use to everyone but some will interest most people. This list here is just an example of some of the available topics you can grab free.

1) Aromatherapy
2) Alternative Therapies
3) Making your own toiletries
4) Health Remedies from Natural Produce
5) Herb Gardening
6) Vegetable Gardening
7) Hydroponics
8) Canning and Preserving
9) Making your own bread/cheese/butter etc
10) Living Off The Grid
11) Raising Animals
12) First Aid
13) Defence
14) Prepper Projects
15) Food Storage
16) Water Collection 
17) How to survive a disaster
18) Foraging for edible plants
19) Aquaponics
20) Prepping on a budget

I have got hundreds of free books that I downloaded en masse from various websites and every one was free. There are subjects amongst them that don't interest me or that I can't use. For example in the UK, a house owner is not permitted to own a gun and my urban home does not allow for raising animals and going game hunting. I'll gradually weed out what I can't use and keep the rest! But there are interesting topics like making soaps and detergents and weedkillers that would cut my bills down so these kinds of things I might look into. 

The latest apocalypse book I've read has the MC gathering all these topics plus favourite fiction ebooks on an ereader which she protected in a Faraday Cage (I'll cover this in another post) from the EMP so that she was able to use the ereader even without electricity to use her ebooks to do new tasks. I like the idea of keeping useful ebooks on my ereader and protecting it from EMPs and solar flares but I tend to use it on a day to day basis so it's likely that if one of these disasters happened, my ereader would fry like every other electronic device!

I do have a back up plan though. I have a big Prepper Journal where I write down prepper related things by hand. The advantage to this is having a hard copy to hand that will be unaffected by any disaster and there for easy reference. In it I write down how to make cough medicines, soap, bug spray, saline solution, uses for plants and herbs etc along with things like how to build solar ovens, radiation protection, making smoke bombs and all kinds of things! Basically anything interesting on prepper sites gets noted in my journal. If you are considering getting into prepping I suggest a journal or a folder with sub sections to write or print out anything interesting that you find for future reference. 

A lot of prepper sites offer free pdf or epub/mobi files to download on interesting subjects to help get you started. These are very useful guides written by experienced preppers and I've collected quite a few of them. 

Get your free library started today!


  1. I love that you had a hard copy of your favorites in need. If things really do go south quickly, technology will go and people are so dependent on it that some won't know what to do. I like that you've taken that into consideration. There are still some things I insist on having in physical form too!

    1. I'm actually way behind on this so I have some work to do! I think I need to make this a priority! And I need to track down a few things to use in my projects. Hope I finish all that before the apocalypse comes!

  2. I love this! I live in a really small town, so I feel like if anything happened, those who are prepared may be able to make a go of it just staying here. I know that's not the normal logic in many books, but this is such a small town, way away from any large city, that it just sort of makes sense. I need to get some of these! Thank you!

    1. My big worry for a disaster is that I don't have somewhere safe and quieter to get to. I think your town has a good chance of banding together from what you've said. Sadly we can hear the junkies fighting every weekend where I live so I need a good set of bug in plans! Or a lottery win...Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have a draft post I would love to finish and post about all the survival skills I've learned from books especially dystopian /apocalyptic of course. :) I have a journal too! more like a plan with escape routes, possible bug out locations, check lists etc :) I love that we share this interest Chuckles! Keep this posts coming please!

    1. I like the sound of that post! I've got so many ideas for posts but right now it's trying to decide which to do first that I'm having a problem with! My head is full of all the things I want to talk about so I hope the apocalypse can wait a few years!

  4. There's a lot of information available in the prepping world, isn't there? It can be a little overwhelming when you first start looking into it. But you're smart to only keep the bits that pertain to you. Like, I'm never raising goats or I won't ever need that particular reading material. :D

    1. When I got in a panic after reading my first EMP books, I was all over the place wondering what to do! It was really overwhelming and this is why I decided to do these posts. I'm very much amateur on the subject and learning every day! I do need to wade through everything I have and decide what I don't need.

  5. I love books like these. I especially like home remeedies and making safe household products. Going to check out some of these.

    1. There is some good stuff out there! I'd like to learn about canning and if it seems workable I'll plant a few veg in the garden!