Thursday, 16 November 2017

Game of Thrones Gossip #42 Season Two Best Bits

This week I'm looking at a wrap up of season two with reference to all my favourite bits, annoying stuff, the funny and the sad! Time to have a look at the funny and entertaining bits and the best and worst characters and moments.

The good and bad character list will change with each season review! Please feel free to post multiple comments if you have a lot to say on the subjects below. The more the merrier!

1) Tyrion blackmails Lancel
2) Tyrion tests the Small Council's loyalty
3) Tyrion and Varys ponder how scared Stannis is of Joffrey 
4) Edd's positive outlook on life 
5) Jaime's reaction to meeting Brienne  
6) Joffrey is pelted by dung 
7) Ramsay's horn drives Theon mad 
8) Bronn has a new way of reducing crime in the city 
9) Ygritte teasing Jon, who knows nothing 
10) The Hound tells Joffrey what he thinks of him!

1) Death of Maester Luwin
2) Yoren's murder
3) Ser Rodrik's final words to Bran
4) Renly's murder 
5) Rakharo loses his head 
6) The required murder of Qhorin Halfhand
7) The murder of Irri 
8) Tyrion's reaction to the wildfire deaths 
9) Tyrion awakes to a lack of gratitude

1) Flea Bottom riot
2) The Fall of Winterfell
3) The murder of the bastards
4) The Night's Watch hear three blasts on the horn
5) The Battle of the Blackwater 
6) Catelyn betrays Robb
7) The Smoke Monster 
8) Do Tywin and Littlefinger know who Arya is? 
9) The plot against Dany is revealed and her revenge is sweet

1) Janos Slynt gets fired
2) Cersei scares the crap out of Littlefinger
3) The Hound rescues Sansa from the riot
4) Pod saves the life of Tyrion
5) Doreah and Xaro get theirs
6) Pycelle is arrested
7) The Hound tells Joffrey where to go
8) Halfman! Halfman!
9) Lancel finds his courage
1) Jon Snow
2) Tyrion Lannister
3) Daenerys Targaryen
4) Arya Stark 
5) Robb Stark 
6) Samwell Tarly
7) Davos 

1) Joffrey Baratheon
2) Cersei Lannister
3) Theon Greyjoy
4) Littlefinger
5) Shae
6) Craster 
7) Jaime Lannister 
8) Dagmer Cleftjaw
9) Melisandre
10) Meryn Trant

1) The Hound
2) Bronn 
3) Varys
4) Lord Commander Mormont
5) Jaqen H'Ghar
6) Brienne of Tarth
7) Maester Luwin 
8) Edd 
9) Yara Greyjoy
10) Salladhor Saan

1) The Lannisters don't care about the pleas for more men from the Night's Watch
2) Theon what the eff is wrong with you???!!!
3) Can the Baratheons worry about beating the Lannisters BEFORE they fight each other???
4) Cersei, stop keeping bloody secrets from Tyrion when he's trying to save the city!
5) Robb dooms the Starks by marrying Talisa and betraying the Freys
6) Arrgghh! The Tyrells keep the Lannisters in power
7) Sansa refuses to flee with the Hound. Run you stupid cow!!!
8) Cersei's obsession that Tyrion wants to kill her children
1) Ros sees exactly what kind of boss Littlefinger is and regrets meeting the King
2) Sansa is considered ready to marry Joffrey
3) Alten Lannister is killed by his hero 
4) Lancel soon regrets sleeping with Cersei 
5) Samwell meets the White Walkers 
6) Ros is tortured by Cersei in mistaken identity
7) Gilly gets no help from the Night's Watch 
8) Jon has to betray the Watch, gets beaten by Craster and has to kill Qhorin
9) Tyrion is lucky to survive the battle 
10) The Hound quits his job

1) Shae spends most of the season with a face like a smacked arse
2) Sansa in general
3) Littlefinger wailing to Catelyn that fate killed Ned to put them together
4) Cersei whining about Myrcella being sent to Dorne 
5) Jaqen's fellow prisoners need to learn some manners
1) Catelyn warns Robb about trusting Balon Greyjoy. Right family, wrong member...
2) Quaithe's coded warnings to Jorah come true
3) Catelyn warns Robb not to cross Walder Frey
4) Tyrion's threat to Cersei over Ros will come back to bite him in season four
5) Tyrion upsets a lot of people who will wait their chance for revenge

The TV series continues to closely follow the book except for a few things. There is no Talisa and marrying for love story for Robb in this book. Melisandre gives Maester Cressen a chance to change his mind over poisoning her but he refuses. Theon is a worse character in the books with no redeeming qualities. Jojen and Meera come to stay at Winterfell with Bran before Theon attacks. Arya frees northern prisoners who overthrow Harrenhal just before the Bolton troops arrive and she is cup bearer to Roose Bolton, not Tywin Lannister. The deaths Arya requests from Jaqen H'Ghar are different. Ramsay calls himself Reek and 'serves' Theon before betraying him. Luwin tells Osha to seperate Robb's heirs for safety.

For me the final two episodes are the best as they feature the Battle of the Blackwater, Dany's revenge, the attack of the White Walkers, the end of Theon's rebellion and the sad death of Maester Luwin. I think I would go with Blackwater as my favourite.

What is your favourite episode and why? Who did you love and who did you hate in season two? Which moments did you love and which were saddest? What are your thoughts overall on season two? Leave as many comments as you want!


  1. So many great moments. Now I want to re-watch this season. My favorite moments are anything with Theon and Ramsay because they’re both so twisted.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I had planned to rewatch season two before I did this post but time got away from me. I had to work off the notes I'd previously taken. Now I'll be getting my teeth into some new characters in season three like the Greyjoys, Olenna Tyrell, the updates on all our favourite regulars!

  2. Cersei scares the crap of me. LOL I loved the Battle of Blackwater and Tyrion's face when it all went up in green flames. Wow!I can't stand Shea. She opens her mouth and I want to smack her! Samuel is my hero. He plays a subtle roll that gets huge. Bronnn is one of my and my son's favorites. Love his snark and he's sexy. LOL And my feelings of disgust for Jaimme finally change near the end of the last season. Can't wait to the show down that's sure to come when he and Cersei meet up again. I could go on and on but your awesome posts says a lot. Awesome job!

    1. Cersei is a monster, especially in season six! Yet there are those moments when you can feel sorry for her. I wouldn't have wanted to be married to Robert!!! I hated Shae and the way she used Tyrion. Bitch! Sam and Bronn are amongst my favourites too. I love Jaime's character because he is complex and I loved the way he changed when he was with Brienne!

  3. I loved the Small Council loyalty tst, both in the book and on the show. Devious little Tyrion! :) Tough to see Halfhand go down, too. I got a kick out of the Flea Bottom riot too. Way to go Joffrey lol. And I share some of your frustrations! Yes- Sansa, leave for cryin out loud! And the Tyrells propping up the Lannisters *sigh*

    1. Tyrion is just such a great character. I loved the humour that he brought to the plot. The Flea Bottom riot was it wrong to enjoy such violence I wonder...