Friday, 17 November 2017

Book Review: Death Catch by TR Schumer (Fearless #1)

Alex Moss is a former U. S. Navy SEAL, and a veteran of two wars, but the enemy he is about to face is like nothing he could have ever imagined. Moss thought he’d settled comfortably into a life at sea, and a second career far removed from the battlegrounds of his past. He commands Fearless, one of the world's premier scientific research vessels. Along with his hand-picked crew of special operations forces veterans, Moss now assists in the advancement of marine science, but a dark force has been unleashed aboard his ship— a force that threatens to kill them all...

Dr. Thomas Falcon is a highly respected and widely published shark biologist with a powerful, and ancient, family history he knows almost nothing about. When Falcon's best friend and colleague, the gifted shark researcher Dr. Peter Marsh, invites him to join his scientific expedition aboard the privately funded research vessel Fearless, Falcon jumps at the chance. But once Dr. Falcon arrives on board, history will catch up with him when he unwittingly triggers violent events, and awakens an unspeakable evil...

My Review: 
Fearless is a scientific research vessel studying the decline of commercial fisheries and they have stumbled upon a crime. They are finding piles of dead sharks, caught by brutal finners who strip the sharks of their valued fins and throw them back into the sea to die.

Shark biologist Thomas Falcon is furious about the carnage. He goes on a late night secret dive down to the sea bed where the bodies of the dead sharks are lying. He has a voodoo talisman gifted by a relative, and without thinking, he inserts it into the mouth of a huge tiger shark and wishes the soul on to a better place. But things go wrong and the voodoo charm reanimates the shark as a lethal killing machine...and it awakens it's dead comrades into a horde of zombie sharks.

I love zombies! I love sharks! So there was no way that I was going to miss this book! Yes I know, zombie sharks are cheesy sounding but it wasn't really like that. The sharks become a swarm of aggressive sharks that will not stop and just eat everyone in their way. The zombie curse also allows them exit the water to attack people on beaches, boats and even a massive cruise liner. I liked the idea of the sharks getting on board the cruise liner and hunting down their food in that way. It might sound dumb but hey, lots of gory deaths to enjoy so that kept me pretty happy!

The plot moves along at a breakneck speed with all the shark attacks and the crew of Fearless have to start listening to what they thought was a mad story by their shark biologist. Falcon visits the death scene on the beach and is told that he was responsible for the carnage. When he realises what his talisman has done, he has to convince those on Fearless that he is telling the truth and that there is a very dangerous way to stop the sharks. Falcon may have triggered the events but I liked the way he decides that it is up to him to stop it. My favourite character was Alex Moss, the chief of operations on Fearless. He is the smart and resourceful guy who has to protect Fearless and its men at all costs from the sharks.

It's not to be taken too seriously with a plot like that but if you enjoy the daft SF channel shark films and these fast paced monster books then you will probably enjoy this gory romp of a book. I've already purchased the next book in the series and I look forward to reading it!

Read August 2017
4 stars.


  1. I swear I've seen a movie like this or maybe even read this book. I need to check before grabbing this one. I'm getting in the mood for shark chum again.

    1. There's always a lot of fun to be had with gory shark stories!

  2. OMG! This one sounds so fun! Lol. I will have to read this! Great review!