Monday, 6 November 2017

Pumpkin Book Tag

I saw this tag on the blog of dragonsandzombies. Check it out here! 

1) PUMPKIN-A writer you always make a point to read in October
I don't specifically set out to read any author in October but I normally try to read at least something horror. I like early Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Jack Kilborn, Hunter Shea, Eric S Brown, Rick Chesler, that kind of thing. This is the book that I wish I'd had time to read this month as I'm excited about the film!

2) PUMPKIN SPICE-A work you would read to impress a millennial
Why would I read something to impress someone else? I don't give a toss what some random millennial thinks of what I'm reading. I suit myself and nobody else! I find it pretty sad if people feel the need to read something with the sole purpose of appearing cool to someone else.

3) PUMPKIN PIE-A work that makes you think of autumn
I don't think of things like seasons when I read books...I just read them! I read horror, apocalypse, preppers, disasters...none of them really conjure up thoughts of crisp autumn nights by a hot fire! Mind you I fancy that cottage in the photo below as my rural prepper property!

4) PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE-A work that was challenging to read but was a rewarding experience
I think I'd say Wild Swans. It was huge and detailed at 666 pages with small writing, following the true story of three generations of women from one family through the upheaval in China before, during and after Mao. Great book but it was long!

5) PUMPKIN BREAD-An underrated work from a well-known writer 
I mostly read Indie authors so most mainstream ones I read are all pretty well known, as are their work. I'll showcase a few underrated Indie books instead.

6) PUMPKIN SOUP-A work that you first enjoyed, but then lost interest
There are a couple of series that I liked to start with and lost interest in after a couple of books. I liked the first book in The Hollows series but books two and three went into the dumb Ivy trying to bite Rachel plot which was dull and repetitive and switched me off the series. It was a shame as I loved the humour but that plot drove me mad.

7) PUMPKIN DOUGHNUT-A light five star read
The early Harry Potter books fit nicely into this as they have lots of humour. but I'm choosing this huge behind the scenes guide to the films which is light in the sense of content but heavy as in the book size!

8) PUMPKIN PICKING-Within the last year, in which genre did you purchase the most books
Most of my purchases were in the prepper apocalypse genre. I can never resist reading books in this genre. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks,

9) PUMPKIN CARVING-A work that could have been trimmed down
I've read a lot of books that padded out the story and made the book longer than it needed to. I think The Order of the Phoenix took too long to get the kids back to Hogwarts. The cleaning out of Sirius house did drag a little. There were too many Harry tantrums too!

10) PUMPKIN PAINTING-A book with magnificent illustrations
The Harry Potter illustrated books are gorgeous as is the illustrated Game of Thrones companion.


11) PUMPKIN ICE CREAM-The most random work you would recommend
Random? If I recommend, I do a specific book to a specific blogger, not a random 'everyone must read this' which personally annoys me as the recommender is making no effort to take consideration of each friend's tastes!

12) What is your favourite way to enjoy pumpkin/what is your favourite dish where pumpkin is the main ingrediant?
I don't eat pumpkin and don't really want to! 



  1. Man, can the boys and I come visit you at that cabin? I promise we'll bring lots of books and snacks!

    1. As soon as I buy it, I'll send you the address! Dogs, books and snacks are very welcome!

  2. Oh I love this tag - your choice of books was interesting and I LOVE your answers:)). I may or may not take part... I'm a tad stretched at present because I idiotically decided that bringing Book 2 out hard on the heels of Book 1 just before Christmas was a good idea! Thank you for offering to give a shoutout for DYING FOR SPACE - I'll most certainly take you up on it:)).

    1. The joys of being a writer eh?!! Exciting but hard work... Ah it'll be worth it when the second book comes out!

  3. Pumpkin ice cream is a thing? I love pumpkin pie, but I’m not sure about other pumpkin foods. Anyway, I like your cottage. I’d totally hang out there during a zombie apocalypse.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. My furry pumpkin Dave would really object to me trying anything pumpkin related!

  4. haha I ALWAYS, as in EVERY year say I'll finish a king book for Halloween. It had never happened yet! HP 5-star all the way babe!

    1. I've still got a few Stephen King books hiding on the ereader I think. Not sure when I'll get to them...

  5. A book to impress other people? Seriously, I don't even understand that Q either??? And yeah, I hate those kinds of Qs about a book you rec because I too rec based on the person. That's why sometimes when ppl ask me to rec a book for them, I'm just kind of like, "Well what are you looking for? What is your taste???"

    You know, I'm not sure if I've ever actually eaten pumpkin either...

    1. Exactly! Why would anyone read to impress others? I don't get that. I rarely recommend books except to my dad. My way of recommending books is to be honest in reviews and let those who like the sound of it read it for themselves.

  6. Order of the Phoenix could have done without all the Harry tantrums, I agree! Also, some of the little episodes/'side-quests' were not really necessary.

    I love the picture of the cottage! Really cozy and a great spot, I'd move in :D

    1. Yeah it's a nice scenic area and perfect for a prepper community!