Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Book Review: The Shadowkiller by Matthew Scott Hansen

When careless campers unleash a raging forest fire, they inadvertently set in motion a blood-drenched spree of revenge. Motivated by the immolation of his family, a nearly eleven-foot-tall, preternaturally strong superprimate begins stalking the mountains northeast of Seattle, hunting the "small two-legs" he blames and leaving an eerie trail of missing people . . . but little else. As people begin vanishing from nearby forests, former software magnate Ty Greenwood risks everything to find out why. Tormented by his encounter with a Bigfoot three years earlier, Ty's past now collides with what he suspects is happening. But this time he doesn't realize that the stakes are far higher.

In his search for two missing lawyers, Snohomish County Sheriff's Detective Mac Schneider discovers a "spectacularly" large footprint. Is it another hoax or is there really something to fear in the woods? Despite mounting evidence, Mac fears ridicule and is reluctant to reveal that the myth might in fact be a terrifying reality. Complicating everything for him is Kris Walker, a gorgeous but ruthless television reporter bent on getting the story at any cost. Joining the quest is an old Native American actor with a troubling secret: Ben Campbell has a mystical connection to the beast. And while Ben's link withthis fearsome and intelligent being haunts his dreams and could spell his doom, it may also prove to be the only key to stopping this ferocious, inhuman killing machine. Can they end his deadly rampage before he destroys everything they hold dear?

My Review:
Bigfoot has lost his entire family after careless campers start a terrible forest fire which wipes them out. Now he has the scent of man in his nostrils and is determined to kill every one of them in revenge for his loss.

I loved the sound of a Bigfoot revenge book but the idea was much better than the execution of the book. To be brutal, I didn't like the characters, or the way the story was delivered and the only parts I enjoyed were those from the Bigfoot POV when he was killing people. I would have liked more than half a page on the actual forest fire that began the Bigfoot rampage, as that would really have set the scene nicely.

So, the characters. It begins with the alcoholic forest logger who is investigating the damage to trees in the area. It switches to a suicidal forest ranger who once had an encounter with Bigfoot. He is in the process of killing himself when he hears about people missing which could be related to his own experience. While his encounter with Bigfoot in the flashback was interesting, he is not a character that I felt any empathy for due to his somewhat whiny outlook. Then we have the cliche beautiful TV news bitch from hell who will do anything to get her story. I'm so tired of characters like her. She starts trying to seduce the cop in charge of the missing person investigation who of course is dazzled by her beauty. It seems that every man in the book wants to bed her despite her appalling personality. The cops themselves are the dumb useless Deputy Dawgs who are sex obsessed and can't function whenever TV bitch is around.

There is far too much pointless stuff inserted into this story. The first annoying thing is how much time we spend with all the men gawking at the TV bitch and spilling secrets about the investigation to her because she smiles at them. The second is that the suicidal forest ranger has been caught in his suicide attempts by his wife, who also happens to have hired a gorgeous au pair to look after things, and who obviously fancies her husband. Seriously, is this book going to delve into the sex life of everyone in the area??? This is padding which adds nothing to the story and it all really bored me.

The irony is that the Bigfoot attacks were entertaining and well written so it greatly frustrated me that so much time was taken up by the private lives of characters who are mostly there to die at the hands of Bigfoot. I hate the sexist steriotypes of the female characters and the cliche of the dumb cops who don't seem to know the basics of their job. The drivel that is in the dialogue was pretty bad at times and I just didn't care about a single character in the book. I was rooting for Bigfoot for the most part, which is never a good sign.

It's only getting 2 stars because I liked the Bigfoot POV.
Read July 2017.


  1. I'm so glad I didn't grab his books now. Was looking at them on Amazon yesterday. Dang it. So many great ideas that don't pan out. Thanks for the heads up.