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Book Review: Zombie Zora by RG Richards

19-year-old Zora Baker lives in an era after a zombie virus has infected the world. It is more of a coming of age story than a zombie story although zombies are prevalent throughout the story. The story centers on young Zora and her fellow army buddies (a survivor rescue team) who after separating from their squad are now on an adventure to reunite with them and her brother.

These three, Zora, Brittany, and Matthew, face their own demons and hangups as well as scavengers and zombies. You have to be careful who you associate with, once scratched or bitten, you go through "the change" and become a flesh-eating monster. Those closest to you become your first meal--most are sound asleep and never see it coming. And who is going to raise their hand and admit they were scratched to a team of rescuers, nobody.

Adventure after adventure, encounter after encounter, they face overwhelming odds and discover secrets to the zombies that will enable the army to wipe out the menace once and for all. Can they make it back with their secrets or will the zombies get them? What about the scavengers? Only time will tell.

Grab your gun, let out your battle scream, and join the fight. Lookout Zombie World, here she comes and she plans on sending you all to hell, screaming.

My Review: 
Zora has become part of an army zombie fighting unit which conflicts with her desire to protect her younger brother, the only surviving member of her family. When their army base is overrun in a coordinated night attack, they are forced to flee in trucks, aware that the zombies are now able to plan and ambush. Now the scattered survivors need to get to a secure army base and safety.

I didn't care much one way or the other for Zora but I didn't hate her or anything. She failed as a soldier by continually freezing in battle and putting others in danger, and she happily breaks the rules when she feels like it. This could be put down to her inexperience and being drafted into the job without full army training so I get that part of her. Her brother appears to me to be getting groomed by a possible paedophile doctor and despite her finding it creepy, she doesn't seem to be doing anything about it or telling anyone. Maybe that comes later? And when the opportunity arises to kill a sneering scientist who might have caused the whole zombie plague, she steps in to stop it. Um, why??? I'm with Jones in wanting this guy dead. I don't really get Zora as a character or connect with her.

The other characters...I liked Jones. He seemed straightforward and honest, looking out for Zora in battle and saving her. There's a good chance they will pair up later. (I didn't read on too far so I'm just guessing). Brittany was a good character with a damaged and abused past that Zora didn't seem to want her to talk about in front of the men. I'm not sure why Zora acted like that or where this jealousy of Brittany at times comes from. Brittany was abused as a kid by pageant judges so her mother could get more money to spend, which is vile-why would you be jealous of her looks when she suffered that for being so pretty? Small niggle though.

Thompson, I hated. He happily tells Zora he is a microbiologist and she accuses him of being responsible for the zombies. He smirks as they share horror stories about zombies killing their friends and family, and he seems to revel in the smartness of the zombies. He is scum whichever way you look at it and I wanted Jones to just kill him. Actually I'd have cut his achilles tendons so he can't escape, cut him enough to bleed and left him for the zombies. Then he could spend the rest of his life as a zombie that can't move...Yes, I am a twisted kind of person...

The author's action scenes with the zombie attacks are well written and the start of the book was quite good, mixing in Zora's past with the horror happening around her in the present. It was handled nicely without the need for huge info dumps to slow the story down. So there are certainly promising things in the book. I just didn't connect to the story. I'm not even sure why as I didn't find any fault in the writing, the way it was put together or the plot ideas. The characters were a bit mixed but weren't dreadful enough for me to stop reading or anything. I can't put my finger on it but I just wasn't getting into the story. Just one of those things I guess.
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