Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Book Review: A Tale of Two Preppers by Susan Gregersen

When Jeff and Jeannie discover prepping they don't realize how little time is left. Will the preps they were able to make in the short time they had keep them alive? Will they live long enough to escape the city?

My Review:
I love apocalypse prepper books and usually the MC is a capable, prepared and intelligent person who has a good chance of getting out of the city alive. They have food stockpiles and weapons and a plan. And then we have Jeff and Jeannie who are probably the most clueless characters in the genre that I have ever seen in my life! I think this book is probably a parody of how dependent some people are on certain modern things and conveniences, that they may not capable of looking after themselves in a disaster situation.

Lets start with the disaster that is poor Jeannie. She lives in a flat without can openers, condiments, cooking utensils of every kind and never ever cooks. She buys every meal from places like coffee shops and sandwiches at the deli. She has no idea how to actually make a sandwich and needs to have this explained to her by the deli owner. This was my favourite scene in the entire book, watching the man explain how to choose what to put in the sandwich and how to put it together. I seriously hope this was not based on people the author knew...The choices available of meat and cheese almost blow poor Jeannie's mind! Then she has to find somewhere that sells condiments which really confuses the shop owners! The coffee shop owner is also horrified when Jeannie buys cans of soup to take home and thinks that Jeannie must be having money worries...

Jeff is not sure what precious metals are but thinks he needs to put his money into them as his prepper co-workers have advised. He also starts thinking about guns as his worries grow. But as he is exploring options, he and Jeannie are learning what to do on prepper websites but don't tell each other in case the other thinks they are being stupid. By the time disaster arrives, our heroes have given themselves a better chance of surviving the nuclear blast which follows and try to stay safe in the chaos before getting out of the city...

Actually when you see people in total panic at being without phone and internet for a few hours you start to wonder if this book is an extreme view of people in society or a scary reality. I am reminded of a former friend at my door in tears and sobbing because she couldn't log on to Facebook for whatever reason for a whole hour, wailing that it was a disaster and the WORST THING EVER. I admit that I had little patience for this when she had a seriously ill relative in hospital at the time. My lack of sympathy for her Facebook log on crisis led to her calling me heartless and cruel...I told her to permanently get stuffed!

It was funny but a bit scary to look at them stumbling across ideas of how to survive and learning what to do to increase their chances so I did find it an entertaining read. I actually grew to like the pair as they were nice and decent people who never did anything to hurt others. As they learned more, I was rooting for them. My favourite character however was Marty and I wish there had been more about him.

If there is a follow up or a story about Marty's adventures, I'd certainly read it.
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