Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's Grumpy Chuckles Week

I haven't been blogging since the weekend due to a pile of annoying things that have made me into Grumpy Chuckles! I have NOT been a pleasure to deal with this week, I can tell you!

My dad has another ear infection and is going to have to go and get his ears syringed again which he is grousing about because the nurse who does this has the touch of Nellie the Elephant and he was in agony last time she did it. I wouldn't let her near me! The last time she tried to take blood from me, she said 'I'm not very good at this !' Boy, was she right... As for me, my ingrown toenail has went infected and despite a week of strong antibiotics and 3 weeks of magnesium sulphate paste, there is no change in it so I'll need to go back AGAIN. And I stub the damn thing at least five times a day. *grouses* We're never away from the bloody doctors these days.

Then it was the joy of getting in the Christmas extras. Obviously meat joints etc have to wait until closer to the time, but we get in extra juice, freezer stored food, tins, things that don't go off, kitchen towel, toilet rolls, toiletries etc to be fully stocked up for winter in case we get bad weather. It means we only need to nip out for papers, milk and small essentials during thebad weather days in winter. It is back breaking to carry all that crap into the house! 

Today was the changing of the beds. Do I ever mention how much I HATE that job??? There is not a lot of room to work with in my bedroom and is a job from hell. I feel like my arms are hanging out the sockets! That was followed by two loads of washing that needed hanging up in front of the fire. Then I dragged myself in for a shower and my back has decided to go wonky, so I'm on the darn painkillers now. ARRGGHHH! 

AND I've no time or energy to read or blog much! I've flopped in front of the TV watching Classic Coronation Street from 1977 which has been fun but NOT productive for the tbr. Tonight I really need to read something! Wish me luck! And hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow...!


  1. Sorry to hear about such a crappy week. My husband has hurt his back somehow, which means he's been grumpy, which wears off on me. Illnesses and injuries are the worse. Sending good thoughts toward you and your dad!

    1. Oh you know me, feeling sorry for myself and moaning non stop! Other people with bigger problems would not be impressed! Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  2. It sounds like you have every reason to be grumpy, that nurse sounds like one of those that you used to get in the Carry On films!

    Changing beds is my most hated job, I always feel like I have run a marathon by the time I have finished!

    I hope you are both feeling better!

    1. It just saps the strength out of you doesn't it! Fighting to get the darn duvet back into the cover tests my patience! It's like arm wrestling with anacondas!

      Jeez that nurse. I NEVER put appointments on with her to have blood taken but she just takes it upon herself to call patients who are seeing other nurses to 'reduce the waiting time'. Gah, mind your own business woman and let me see the nurse I requested!!!