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Chuckles Corrie Mania #7

Welcome to Chuckles Corrie Mania! I watched Coronation Street all through the late 70's, 80's and early 90's but lost touch with it by 1999 due to work. So discovering that kind Corrie viewers have uploaded a ton of classic episodes on YouTube was great! I've spent two years gathering as many as I can, ready to get watching, and as I work my way through them, I'll be reviewing what I watch and sharing my thoughts. Would love to hear the thoughts on these episodes from other fans.

Thank you to Auntie Corrie(1976-1994), Mr Magister(1961,1995-2000), corriepastandpresent(2001+), CLKfanvideos(2006,2010,2011), corriestuff(various), OZZY45100(1960's, 1970's), FullEps(2009), XCorrieClassicsX(2006-2009), albiondean(2012-present), Sevin Alsoylar(2006,2011), Soap Fan 2013(various), JonathanOpenshaw(various) and everyone else who has supplied episodes online.

The next episodes are the final five of 1961, from the Coronation Street 1960's box set.  

October 2nd 1961
Linda is moaning that Ivan is going to be working at the Rovers alone with Nona while everyone else will be at the wedding of Harry and Concepta. Alf has plans to set up his friend Bill Gregory with Elsie at the reception. Minnie gets emotional as usual to Ena's despair and the wedding goes off without a hitch. Elsie and Bill (right)  hit it off straight away and Linda decides to wind up Ivan about Nona for fun.

Bill and Elsie did make a really nice couple...both quite glamorous! It's a pity you can't see the stunning Pat Phoenix in colour in these episodes.

October 16th 1961
Leonard (left) prepares to take the residents on their day out to Blackpool. Emily has the joy of sitting beside Ena, Elsie and Bill don't try to hide their relationship, and Alf and Len have a bet on who gets Doreen on the ghost train. Neither wins as she goes on with Albert. Ken rants on about how shabby Blackpool is and Ena gets left behind while visiting a fortune teller. 

I was getting so annoyed by the irritating idiot that calls itself Jed, and his dippy girlfriend. It ruined an otherwise enjoyable episode for me.

November 8th 1961
Having already wrongly accused Annie of sending the poison pen letter, Elsie is now convinced it was Ena and prepares to do battle with her in the street. (right) Ken lectures Frank about the evils of nuclear war, Linda and Ivan hear good things about life in Canada, Elsie says sorry to Annie and then goes to confront Ena.

This episode is one of the iconic Corrie episodes. I loved the way both women preared themselves like gunslingers in a western, Ena with her milk stout in the Rovers and Elsie with her fag, while everone watched in silence! It was great stuff and I really admired the way Ena stood up for herself and proved she was innocent. Great episode!

November 22nd 1961
Frank rows with Ken when he finds out that Ken quit his job because he doesn't like how the workers are treated. Annie is unhappy that Harry hangs around the pub to keep Concepta company, leaving Lucille (left) home alone all the time. Martha and Ena are shocked when Minnie shows them the new see-through nighty that she bought. Ken is ready to leave Weatherfield for good when Christine convinces him that running away will solve nothing, while Frank at home fears that Ken might be gone.

I was feeling sorry for Frank. Ken never seems to show much gratitude for all the sacrices of his family to get him his education, and all he does is sneer at Frank for having a crap job and living in a backstreet slum. The Ken of the 60's I really don't like. Minnie and her nighty, that was funny!

December 25th 1961
The men are off to a woman's football match together while the women prepare for a hard day in the kitchen. Minnie invites Ena and Martha over, though Ena nearly chokes on the coins in the pudding. Albert fears getting drunk and tring to pinch Ena's bum, Esther (right) cooks for Albert and the Barlows, and the Tanners celebrate in the usual way with a blazing row.

Wouldn't you hate to live next door to the Tanners when they get started on their fights? Nobody does a good tantrum like Elsie!  

So these are all the episodes I have from 1961 which is a shame because I was enjoying watching them! As I said you can find these episodes on the 60's boxset.


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