Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween Howls with Dave!

Hello everyone, Dave here!
For those who don't know me, I'm a bit of mad pumpkin guy and I live with my mum, Chuckles, her dad and a pile of furry monkeys and other assorted things up in Scotland. I finally got to show myself on line this Halloween and thought I'd say a special hello to those kind bloggers who were asking after me on Stacking the Shelves! *waves*

So what does a furry pumpkin do on Halloween, you might wonder? I was hanging out with my homicidal child hating frog friend, Alfie, who you might meet on future posts. He hates children and always has cunning plans to scare them. He was hiding out in the bushes and tickling the ankles if they got too close to the gate...being a pumpkin and having no arms, this lacked appeal for me so I decided to sit inside and use my stalk to launch stones at the little brats instead! *heh heh*

Alfie and I then had a nice film night while mum finished reading her Monster Haven books by RL Naquin. She loves that Closet Monster guy Maurice and is always moaning that she wants one as a best friend as he also cooks and cleans...great books with action and lots of humour. They get the Dave seal of approval! 

Alfie and I watched the orginal and ever classic Halloween. That spooky music and the creepy guy in a mask is pretty darm unsettling even for brave pumpkins like me! We also watched the original version of The Fog which I loved, though I got a bit freaked out when I saw fog around our house as we watched. *shudder* We also lightened the mood a bit by watching the first two Harry Potter films. The last thing I needed was to go to bed and have nightmares about being carved out by kids and a candle stuck through my bum! Seriously, what is wrong with you people?!! Carve up a turnip instead of my family!

Hope you all had a good Halloween!
luv Dave x 


  1. Dave, you are the sweetest! I feel terrible now for carving up two of your kin, I will try a turnip next year but to be honest you are so much easier to carve up.......

    Anyway The Fog scares me to death too, scary, scary film, I had to drive to work in fog this morning and I always think about that film!

    I hope to see you again Dave, don't be a stranger!

    1. Arrgghh! Hope it wasn't Uncle Basil and Aunt Esther! I suppose I forgive you...this time! Take care doll! luv Dave x

  2. Aww Dave! I'm sorry for ever carving pumpkins :( I never carved any this year though you'll be glad to know ;) he he. Stay warm this winter and have fun with the turnips! he he x