Thursday, 12 November 2015

Book Review: Bitten to Death by Jennifer Rardin (Jaz Parks #4)

Jaz Parks here. My latest mission has taken me to the ancient Greek city of Patras; but instead of soaking up its splendor, I'm here to infiltrate a Vampere Trust. Only two vamps have ever escaped the tightly bound communities and lived to tell the tale: Edward "The Raptor" Samos, the most reviled criminal mastermind in recent memory, and Vayl, the CIA's number one assassin who also happens to be my boss.

The Raptor is trying to take over Vayl's former Trust. Unfortunately the Trust's new leader has her own plans.

This job is going to be the death of me.

My Review:
What the heck happened to my action packed urban fantasy series with my snarky kickass MC and amusing sidekicks, with that splash of lovely humour? It is obviously gone for the moment because while there were big issues in the last book, this one was pretty dreadful overall.

First we get Jaz, Vayl and David being to sent to the Trust that Vayl was once a member of, to stop a possible Samos takeover. Vayl is pretty much ignoring everyone and obsessing endlessly about his dead sons, Jaz isn't just hearing various voices in her head and is actually arguing with them and David is in a bout of PTSD that is driving him to drink. So would YOU send this trio to do this job? I highly doubt it.

Frankly all the characters in this book are dreadful and got on my last nerve. There is no way that David was fit for active duty so what the heck were his bosses thinking??? He's drinking on duty, shooting people without permission, endangering everyone and behaving like a muppet.He bores me and I'm annoyed at getting him instead of Cassandra and Bergman. Cassandra has now dropped down to the status of 'Dave's girlfriend' and Bergman is not here at all! Vayl is being a selfish sod again, treating Jaz like crap and upsetting her and moaning on about his tragic post. Oh stop whining already and do your darn job! Jaz doesn't stop moaning and complaining and though she has just cause at times, I'm getting sick of hearing it. Cole is still behaving like a spoiled brat and texting Jaz constantly in his never ending 'I know you love me really' campaign of stupidity. Why can't she tell him to get stuffed?

The other vampires are asshats and Disa is only there to add more angst to the crumbling relationship of Jaz and Vayl. Like we need MORE after that last book? Give me strength. All we got in this this book was relationship angst and vampire politics which as a plot is not greatly interesting with a few evil house vibes thrown in for fun.

I'm tired of all the fighting, Vayl's bloody sons, Cole being an ass, Vayl being an ass, Jaz moaning, Jaz losing her temper, relationship angst, lack of an exciting plot and lack of humour. This is not the series I started and enjoyed. Frankly if I had the choice of buying the next book in the series after reading this one, I would have quit the series without doubt. The fact that I had the rest of the series already bought in paperback is the only reason I continued reading and thankfully it does pick up again.
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