Saturday, 28 November 2015

Back to the Bloggy-sphere!

I'm back from a really great break and will be blogging again from today, starting with my latest Stacking the Shelves post later this morning when I get it finished! My dad had been suggesting I take a break and thought that last week was a good time to do it. Little did I know that he again had ulterior motives and whisked me off for a surprise week's break at a lakeside lodge in the Lake District! He's getting pretty sneaky! I thought he was MAD with it being the middle of a winter storm period but we had the most AWESOME time!!! The break was just what I needed. The lodge was great, we got some brilliant sightseeing done and the weather was dry almost all week-though it was pretty damn cold! Still, if you put on warm clothes, the cold wasn't so bad. I loved it! I didn't post yesterday when we got home because I had to get online for the Black Friday Amazon sales where I spent a lot of my savings! *GULP*

I'll be doing a series of blog posts with photos of the holiday hopefully starting on Sunday and I'll be back visiting everyone this weekend!


  1. You are so bad on Amazon *wags finger*!!!!!! I have tried to be restrained!! Sounds like you had nice break hope you feel nice and refreshed!

    1. Restraint? What does that mean! *giggles* Yes I'm bad but I do love these sales-it's the highlight of my year I needed the break to get ready for the sales!!