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Chuckles Corrie Mania #4

Welcome to Chuckles Corrie Mania! I watched Coronation Street all through the late 70's, 80's and early 90's but lost touch with it by 1999 due to work. So discovering that kind Corrie viewers have uploaded a ton of classic episodes on YouTube was great! I've spent two years gathering as many as I can, ready to get watching, and as I work my way through them, I'll be reviewing what I watch and sharing my thoughts. Would love to hear the thoughts on these episodes from other fans.

Thank you to Auntie Corrie(1976-1994), Mr Magister(1961,1995-2000), Classicsoap(2001+), CLKfanvideos(2006,2010,2011), corriestuff(various), OZZY45100(1960's, 1970's), FullEps(2009), XCorrieClassicsX(2006-2009), albiondean(2012-present), Sevin Alsoylar(2006,2011), Soap Fan 2013(various), JonathanOpenshaw(various) and everyone else who has supplied episodes online.

I have now reviewed the 8 episodes that featured in the 1960 section of the dvd box set. The next 8 episodes were screened on Granada Plus and can all be found on YouTube. I'm starting to review those episodes here.

Episode 9: January 6th 1961
Lucille packs to go back to the Orphanage and Harry asks Concepta out on a date. Frank is furious that Ken is receiving political mail at the house and threatens to kick him out of the house if he goes on the protest march with Susan. An insurance man investigates May's death to Christine's dismay. Ena and Martha are still not talking and Elsie (right) gets a visit at the shop from Norah to pester her about the divorce.

Ken is so annoying in this episode, looking down his note at his dad again and refusing to accept than anything other than his opinion is correct. You really do want to give him a slap! I love watching Elsie in a temper and the fued with Ena and Martha was amusing. It reminds me of those childhood fights with your best friend!

Episode 10: January 11th 1961
Frank is furious at Ken for defying him while Ida is worried that Ken might be moving out. Elsie is furious at Ena spreading rumours about her and decides to take action. Christine is getting worried about money when her rent goes up. Harry and Concepta (left) go on a date and Elsie's warning about slander appears in the paper.

It's really strange to see a cheerful version of Albert in this early episodes, making him a much nicer character. I'm still not warming to Christine and Ken is still getting on my nerves. The fun part was Elsie in a foul mood about the gossip.

Episode 11: January 13th 1961
The milkman can't get an answer from Albert (right) so he, Ken and David break the door down. The doctor wants him to go and live with his daughter Beattie but Albert refuses. The plumber's mate Joe Makinson feels sorry for Christine when she can't pay the bill so he takes it away to check for a mistake, giving her more time. Linda leaves after a fight with Dennis. Elsie lays into Ena in the pub over the gossip and Concepta is not impressed with Harry's drunkeness on their date.

Ena was so funny in this episode, loudly exclaiming how sad it was that someone was abusing the wonderful Mrs Tanner...when it was her all along! As always, her fights with Elsie are so well acted.

Episode 12: January 18th 1961
The insurance refuse to pay Christine what she expected to get because May witheld information about her mental illness to get the policy. Frank tells Ida (left) that it should be Beattie who looks after Albert, not her. Elsie agrees to give Arnold his divorce when he tells her that he knows about her affair with Steve Tanner. An embarrassed Harry apologizes to Concepta. Ena and Martha make up.

There is less action in these older episodes but there is humour and a lot of good acting. I can see why so many people became hooked on the series.

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