Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Book Review: Grace Lost by M Lauryl Lewis

Twenty-year-old Zoe Kate is young and naïve, and quite frankly a loner. When her lifelong friend, Adam Boggs, comes home for the summer they find themselves thrust into the middle of a zombie plague. As they flee their hometown in hopes of finding safety, they come across two other survivors, Emilie and Gus. The group of four quickly form bonds and must make difficult choices at every turn in order to stay alive. They will witness unimaginable horrors and experience unthinkable losses as life and death mix together in ways that were never meant to be. Things aren't always as they seem when God's Grace has been Lost to humanity. 

My Review:
When Zoe and her best friend Boggs see their first zombie in the woods, Boggs leads them to his house to gather supplies and flee. Now they are on the road trying to survive and unsure whether or not to trust other survivors.

Zoe has to be the worst character I've seen, as well as being the most whiny. She is childish and sulky even before the zombies arrive, going into a mood and pouting if Boggs doesn't agree with her. And she getts ten times worse when the zombies come into the story.

Every time she is meant to be keeping quiet, she talks, cries or screams-and frequently does all three. She screams when she sees a zombie. She even manages to scream at her own reflection as she looks through a window. Now that is dumb on a whole other level. In his house, Boggs continually asks her to help him with things they need to do but she just sits and wallows in misery until he virtually needs to yell at her to get moving, which starts the waterworks AGAIN. He keeps telling her to stay away from the windows so she doesn't attract attention and she of course ignores him several times and then is ready to cry at what she sees outside. She knocks things over and makes a pile of noise...she is totally useless.

Boggs gives her instructions about what to collect from upstairs for the journey while he starts packing the car ready to go. And despite being in the bathroom to grab medicines and knowing they are going on a long car journey, she doesn't use the toilet. Five minutes into the trip she is whining that she needs to go pee. Seriously bitch, what are you, three years old??? Then she is crying AGAIN because Boggs is frustrated with the whole mess and she doesn't like this side to him. Will you stop whining and crying for five seconds you dumb cow??? I was yelling at the book because I was so sick of her and this was still the start of the book!

They stop at a petrol station where she refuses to stay in the car, and while he is getting useful things like medicine, she manages to grab crisps and dips. Great help you are Zoe!

Frankly after 30 odd pages I was fed up with the whining, bleating, crying and screaming and I wanted to feed her to a zombie myself. I swiftly deleted the book from my ereader. I certainly won't be reading anything else by the author.

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  1. Okay. I'll admit. I almost didn't read this review when I saw the cover on my dashboard. It's yucky. And I knew it wouldn't be a book I'd pick up. Sounds definitely not for me.

    1. It is a dreadful cover isn't it! The book wasn't much better-I didn't even get to the gory bits because of the idiot MC!