Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Urban Fantasy Reads!

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This week's topic was anout authors we'd love to meet but to be honest, I'm not greatly interested in meeting any! Oh if Stephen King or someone came to our local library I'd make an effort to go there but otherwise I'm not really bothered. So this week I'm looking at 10 under-rated urban fantasy books that you need to take a look at!

1) Kelly Meding-Three Days to Dead 
Imagine waking up in a morgue in someone elses body with a few days to solve your murder before you die again. Your team are hunting you down and the paranormal community of trolls and gargoyles may be your only hope! This was fast paced, exciting, with great characters and creatures and a hint of romance which actually adds to the story, notspoiling it!

2) Benedict Jacka-Fated
A mage is trying to stay hidden in London but can't seem to stay out of trouble. Dark magic users need Alex to help them open a dangerous artifact and they aren't taking no for an answer. Alex needs to solve the mystery of what is in the British Museum and stop his enemies getting it. This had lots of action, tension and magic with great characters!

3) DD Barant-Dying Bites 
Jace has been taken to a different reality where humans are in the minority and vampires and werewolves run the planet. Her task is to find a human who is killing paranormals, assisted by her golem sidekick Charlie. This book has tons of action, humour, kickass characters, great plot and for those that like romance there are hints at possible connections. Loved it!

4) Sonya Bateman-Master of None 
Gavyn is a hopeless criminal who loses partners and artifacts at will. Now his enemies want to kill him for losing something priceless that both sides in a new war need. With the help of the grumpy djinn Ian who is forced to be his guardian and his ex girlfriend Jazz who hates him, Gavyn needs to firstly find his backbone...Funny and action packed and it has djinn!

5) Skyla Dawn Cameron-Bloodlines
Zara is a vampire assassin and thief and is well paid for it. But her next assignment ends in betrayal and as powerful witches, warlocks and vampires are being killed or abducted around her. With her team-a geek who has studied her in his books, a slimy arrogant vampire, and a brooding widowed warlock, Zara needs to kick ass. And she does! 

6) MLN Hanover-Unclean Spirits 
Jayne's uncle dies and leaves her a fortune-and a legacy. He was killed by a magic Cabal that he was trying to defeat and now Jayne must uncover her own hidden skills to take up the fight. Along with a group including a former Jesuit, a Buddhist, a research assistant and a cursed 200 year old man, the war is about to start for Jayne. Great team and lots of action.

7) Christina Henry-Black Wings 
Maddy escorts souls of the dead to the afterlife, a job that becomes more difficult when the demons arrive and try to kill her. Her guardian Gabriel arrives to protect her but Maddy also has to worry about her demon father arranging a husband for her as well as saving the planet with Gabrial and popcorn addicted gargoyle Beezle. Great stuff! 

8) Judith Post-Wolf's Bane
Reece is a witch and with her mentor Hecate, Andre the playboy werewolf, and the gargoyle guardians of the city, they must confront a rogue werewolf pack causing chaos in the city. The characters interact beautifully, the plot is fast paced, there is humour, romance not sexually explicit and a henpecked alpha werewolf...   

9) Cherie Priest-Bloodshot 
Raylene is a thief and a vampire, hired to track down government files about secret experiments on captured supernaturals. Working with his is a blind vampire who escaped the experiments, and a drag queen ex-Navy Seal, she has to take on psycho scientists and military men. Raylene is kickass, the plot is swift and the sidekicks are great.

10) CE Murphy-Urban Shaman 
Joanne is a police mechanic with developing Shaman powers. When she interferes with The Wild Hunt business, she becomes their new target. With Gary, the taxi driving senior citizen at her side and her coyote spirit guide, Joanne must find a way to fight a Celtic God. This had action, humour, interesting characters and some mythology for good measure!


  1. I love the Black Wings books (at least the first few I read) and absolutely adored Maplecroft by Cherie Priest. Maybe I need to check Bloodshot out. If you like Lizzie Bordon related stuff, definitely look into Maplecroft and Chapelwood, which comes out this summer.

    1. I know who Lizzie Bordon is and what she was accused of but I've never read any books about her. Now I admit to being intrigued!

  2. Oh a few of these series I want to read. A few I need to get back to reading the books! And one I loved as well. :)

    1. I always love the chance to do a shout out for series I like! Next week is a free topic in Top Ten Tuesday so I think I'll do an Indie Author special!

  3. Another list to show my sister!

    1. Maybe I need to visit her with my booklist!