Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Book Review: Stray Souls by Kate Griffin

London’s soul has gone missing. Lost? Kidnapped? Murdered? Nobody knows – but when Sharon Li unexpectedly discovers she’s a shaman, she is immediately called upon to use her newfound powers of oneness with the City to rescue it from a slow but inevitable demise.

The problem is, while everyone expects Sharon to have all the answers – from the Midnight Mayor to Sharon’s magically-challenged self-help group – she doesn’t have a clue where to start.

But with London’s soul missing and the Gate open, there are creatures loose that won’t wait for her to catch up before they go hunting.

Stray Souls is the first novel in the Magicals Anonymous series, set in the same fantastical London as the Matthew Swift novels.

My Review:
I found this book to be extremely confusing and written in a very strange style. The first few chapters seem to jump around a lot, giving hints about plot but never really telling the readers what is going on.

Sharon I think is meant to be one of her heroes. It seems that something happened to her and she died. So how did she die? What happened to her? Why is she still alive? What exactly is she? She can't be a ghost because people can see and talk to her without alarm at the meeting. Mind you, that means nothing when everyone at the meeting has their own strange problems. But it does seem strange that we aren't told anything about Sharon to help us get to know her and get into her story.

What about this group that she has decided to start, to find other people with strange lives. I liked the idea of the group and some of the people there sounded quite interesting but the way the author writes just sucked the life and interest out of the good ideas on the paper. It takes her 50 words to describe something when ten words would get the point over. JK Rowling wrote with simplicity in her basic story and saved her descriptive work for world building something amazing-without waffle. This author uses long winded descriptions which meander along so many paths that you lose track of what she was actually talking about in the first place. For example, in discussing a bad mood of a character, we got a long explanation about this druid being in a bad mood and having a bad day because he couldn't get peppermint toothpaste. It was just boring!

And speaking of boring, a switch of POV is usually done to add to the story, or make things more interesting. Enter Rhys, the most boring character I've ever seen. He talked about useless crap and went on and on until my own brain went to sleep to spare me from the pain of the experience! What the hell was going on???

It was so difficult to concentrate through the waffle to try and find what the story was meant to be. There was an overdose of description every time a new person was introduced yet the information given seemed to add nothing to whatever the story was meant to be. I never really found out what the story was before I got uber bored and quit.

I certainly have no interest in trying anything else by this author. 
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  1. Aw, that's a shame. I enjoyed the books Kate Griffin published under a different name when I was a teen.

    1. Yeah I didn't like anything about this one. Still, one less series to follow!