Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Book Review: Islands in the Snow by Mark Horrell

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Another travel diary from Mark Horrell. This time he and Mark take their support staff on a trip to climb the Mera Peaks, where there is great debate over whether the highest point is North or Central so it is decided to just climb both and use GPS to settle the question.

As always, the childish humour that connects you to these guys on their trek is there-the high spirited farting porters, wondering if Treebeard is hiding in the dark forest, Turd Corner up on the Peak and of course the confusion of being called an onion grandad...I'll leave that unexplained and let you read it for yourself!

Again the scenery sounds stunning as they tackle the white snow peaks of Mera as the start of the trek, surrounded by beautiful forests and mountain ranges. The ultimate objective here is Island Peak, close to Everest where other trekkers find that weather and trekking conditions might be a bit tougher than they expected. At the end of the trek, Mark starts on a solo trip around the Everest area to get new views of the mountain despite the days of snow that hamper his plans.

It sounds like such a great if tiring trip. It's the kind of thing I'd do if I could turn the clock back a few years to when I had the money and fitness to do things like this! Great to have so many photographs to show you what the scenery was like.
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